Guangwei Composites delivered parts for the TP500 drone air-freighter

China’s Weihai Guangwei Composite Materials Co., Ltd. delivered the first rear fuselage and tail wing of the TP500 unmanned transport aircraft to the First Aircraft Institute and Yitong UAV Systems Co., Ltd.

Guangwei Composites delivered parts for the TP500 drone air-freighter

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The TP500 unmanned transport aircraft is mainly used in the unmanned cargo transportation market. The maximum take-off weight is 1.4 tons, the commercial capacity is 500 Kg, the maximum speed is 260 km/h, and the maximum range is 1,000 km. The whole machine is mainly designed and manufactured using composite materials, and is assembled and connected by an advanced integrated process, which reduces the structural weight to the greatest extent. Mainly to meet the needs of the unmanned freight transportation market in China’s mainland and islands, as well as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and other countries and regions, the TP500 can be retrofitted to perform remote sensing mapping, human shadow engineering, communication support, emergency rescue and other tasks. 

The unmanned transport aircraft is developed by the First Aircraft Institute as the overall development unit, and Yitong UAV System Co., Ltd. as the overall assembly unit. Guangwei Composites undertakes the development tasks of prepreg main materials and large parts, delivered to customers as a whole for final assembly and test run. In the wake of the delivery of the rear fuselage and tail wing, the front fuselage will be delivered soon. 

In recent years, Guangwei Composites has actively developed its unmanned composite material business based on its own carbon fiber and composite material industry chain advantages. With the ability to supply from carbon fiber and prepreg to the development of composite parts and complete machine composite materials, the company announces having accumulated rich experience in drone manufacturing and civil aviation system construction, and successfully delivered for AR500 series drone helicopters, high-altitude solar long-range drones and other types of drones to customers. 

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