Haute couture fashion meets biomimetic design

Complex components in medium to high volume require lean manufacturing technologies that allow for efficient material usage as well as precise and reproducible production. Thanks to 150 years’ experience in haute couture embroidery, Biontec efficiently produces CFRP components in high volume. And now, even the integration of electronics into composite components is feasible.

Haute couture fashion meets biomimetic design

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Tackling high cost of composites

Biontec help their customers to overcome every challenge, regardless of the added value their moulded part should deliver: Their technology allows them to solve even the trickiest problems and give them the decisive advantage on the global market. By working together and using their expertise in bionic fibre placement, they will be on the right track for success, creating innovative solutions that offer a competitive advantage.

Naturally efficient lightweight design

From the fibre to the finished part, their process chain makes optimal use of the properties of the material and also enables immense freedom of design possible for your moulded composite parts. Bionic fibre placement and an automated injection process using resin transfer moulding (RTM) deliver the maximum performance at an economic price.

From fibre to finished part: Bionic fibre placement, Preforming, Resin Transfer Moulding.

Engineered to perform: From idea to serial production

As a reliable supplier for their customer parts and an all-round partner, they support their clients in the realisation of their products from the initial idea through to series production. Benefit from their in-depth knowledge and innovative ideas. They focus just as much on their specifications as on the right production processes for their product. As they can handle all of the necessary sub-processes in-house from the fibres right through to the finished part, they provide their customers with the optimal result.

Electronics integration:
New possibilities for product designers

Biontec has successfully developed a process to integrate electronic components into structural parts allowing for standard conductors and connectors to be used. A world first and award winning metrology product will demonstrate the unique technology. It can be applied to any electronic device, whether it is connected via traditional wire or flex-print cables. The technology gives designers new possibilities for clean and sleek optics.

Demonstrator of fully integrated electronics.
Demonstrator of fully integrated electronics.

Prepreg replacement

Looking at lower volume production of less than 1,000 parts per year, manufacturers typically rely on prepreg technology. However, the automation and short cycle time of Biontec’s process allow significantly higher productivity, thus typically cutting production costs by half.

High frequency pick-and-place rocker for chip manufacturing.

High volume production

At the other end of the volume range the typical products being replaced are forged or die-cast aluminium. Using automation, multi-cavity tooling and fast-curing resins, production rates of 100,000 ppa can be achieved. Key enablers for such high volumes are net shaped preforming and moulding in order to reduce material waste and machining efforts to a minimum. Using ideal fibre orientations in a component can increase potential weight savings up to 50 % over aluminium, as several serial production parts show.

Metal replacement

Other applications are the replacement of milled aluminium or titanium fittings for the aerospace and space industry where performance and part consistency can be well met. Even tight regulations regarding flammability can be met. Biontec will show solutions specifically for aerospace interior components.

In a nutshell

Whether their customers need load path aligned fibre layup, complex three-dimensional preforms or composite parts including attachments and finishing: Their automated and robust processes ensure that they receive first-class quality that pays off and that they can rely on.

Stitched textile, preform as well as moulded part – bicycle brake lever offering 50 % weight saving over aluminium
Stitched fabric, preform and finished part of brake lever manufactured in high volume.

Meet Biontec at JEC World 2022 stand M39, hall 6.

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