Haydale files joint patent with Airbus

Haydale, announces that the Company has signed an agreement with Airbus Operations Limited and subsequently Airbus have filed a joint Patent Application to cover the intellectual property jointly generated by Haydale and Airbus under the multi-party NATEP-supported Graphene Composites Evaluated in Lightning Strike Project (“GraCELS-2”).

Haydale files joint patent with Airbus

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GraCELS-2 was designed to confirm that the incorporation of functionalised graphene/2D fillers could produce the next iteration of composite materials with significantly improved lightning strike performance compared to existing current carbon/epoxy systems alleviating the need for copper mesh.  The success of GraCELS-2 moved the Parties closer to the production of commercial material for applications in aerospace structures and also for other applications which are susceptible to lightning strike.

In October 2019, Haydale launched a range of graphene enhanced pre-preg material for lightning strike protection utilising functionalised nanomaterials to improve the electrical conductivity and to reduce the unloaded weight of an airliner cost effectively and with clear environmental benefits.  The technology underlying the Patent Application further enhances the effectiveness and performance of Haydale’s pre-preg range of materials.

Keith Broadbent, Haydale CEO, said:
“I am looking forward to adding the new technology to our functionalised masterbatch offering which will further improve the performance of this product range.  We look forward to discussing the potential applications of this product with existing and new customers interestied in achieving the environmental and cost benefits offered by our enhanced range”

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