Hexagon Mobile Pipeline to virtually connect communities and industries to pipeline gas in the US

Hexagon Mobile Pipeline, a Hexagon Composites subsidiary, has received a substantial contract for TITAN 53 transport modules from Xpress Natural Gas (XNG) a full-service provider of compressed natural gas (CNG). The strategic agreement has a total value of USD 7.3 million (approx. NOK 70.2 million) and includes additional purchase and rental options through 2021.

Hexagon Mobile Pipeline to virtually connect communities and industries to pipeline gas in the US

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The TITAN 53 large-capacity Mobile Pipeline modules will serve virtual interconnect projects providing natural gas to communities and industries that do not have access to sufficient pipeline capacity in the US.

John Nahill, CEO and co-founder of Xpress Natural Gas, says:

“Since XNG started operations in early 2013, Hexagon’s Titan products have proven to be high-quality products that deliver safety, reliability and performance. The higher volume of TITAN53 means that we can serve our customers with fewer trailers and miles driven and that is key to our success. We appreciate the expertise and responsiveness of the Hexagon team. They understood our needs and met our expectations for a comprehensive solution.”

Hexagon’s Mobile Pipeline products provide customers around the globe with transportation, storage, and distribution solutions. After nearly a decade of deployments of TITAN products, a continued increase in customer demand is driving a need to move greater volumes of compressed gases including natural gas, hydrogen, and industrial gases on every trip. The TITAN53 module launched in 2018 still provides the highest CNG capacity available at the 80,000-pound gross vehicle weight limit. The cylinders are manufactured by Hexagon with industry leading experience in the design, development and testing of composite pressure vessel technology.

Miguel Raimao, Vice President, Mobile Pipeline at Hexagon Lincoln, says:

“XNG is a pioneer of the mobile pipeline industry. Virtual Interconnect is one of the most challenging applications in our industry due to the high volumes of gas delivered. XNG has proven they can do this safely and reliably day after day, year after year. We are proud of the trust they have placed in us to meet their equipment needs. At the end of the day, it’s about keeping businesses running and homes warm through the cold winter months and that is consistent with our vision of “Clean Air Everywhere” and “Driving Energy Transformation.”

Deliveries of the TITAN53 modules are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020.

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