Hongqi uses carbon fiber for back doors

The materials used for automotive back doors are mainly high-strength steel, aluminum alloys, PP modified plastics, etc. Compared with these materials, carbon fiber has great advantages in terms of light weight, safety, stiffness, strength, and reliability, says Hongqi, the Chinese luxury car manufacturer owned by the automaker FAW Group.

Hongqi uses carbon fiber for back doors

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In order to meet the lightweight and performance requirements, the body team of Hongqi’s R&D team has successfully completed the mass production application of a carbon fiber back door system in a certain model of Hongqi. 

According  to Hongqi, in the product development stage, the application of the existing carbon fiber composite material manufacturing technology and the back door system mainly presented the following two difficulties:

  • The production efficiency is low, and its processing technology makes it difficult to meet the strict requirements of the current high production pace of the automotive industry. 
  • The exterior structure of the back door is relatively complex with a large volume, making it more difficult to use carbon fiber materials while processing and shaping. 

In order to overcome the above technical difficulties, the research team applied a new carbon fiber processing technology: thermoplastic molding + secondary injection molding. Consequently, even if the carbon felt mixed with thermoplastic materials is used to produce structural parts through molding, it can also be combined with the injection molding process for the molding of some interior parts.  With in-mold heating system, very good appearance quality can be achieved and it is firmly combined with the buckle injection molded on the back, which meets the requirements of the strength and rigidity of the parts.      

Through the above solutions, the research team has successfully realized the mass production application of carbon fiber composite back doors. Compared with traditional steel back doors, the weight has been reduced by 40% and the fixed-point stiffness has been increased by 10%. This has accumulated valuable experience for the subsequent application of carbon fiber products, bringing full support to Hongqi’s comprehensive innovation-driven strategy.  

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