Huesker’s W8SVR fabric PP-flax now available in widths of up to 2.80 m

W8SVR Neolaminates are continuous-fibre-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) composites, developed as a refinement of organosheets. They are lighter and more efficient through the use of so-called “UD tapes”, i.e. pre-stretched continuous fibres unidirectionally arranged in a polymer matrix. Neolaminates lend themselves to mass production thanks to their short cycle times. They are particularly useful for accommodating complex and deep geometries and can be tailored to requirements using near-net-shape fabrication technology.

Huesker’s W8SVR fabric PP-flax now available in widths of up to 2.80 m

1 minute, 40 secondes

Unbeatable performance with a light touch

W8SVR currently offers the highest lightweight potential in the field of thermoplastic-composites thanks to a special manufacturing technology and the raw materials used. The Neolaminate uses less material to achieve the same strengths as older-generation composites. The untwisted, unidirectional arrangement of the filaments allow a more efficient exploitation of the continuous fibres.

Muscle-packed multifilaments

W8SVR exhibits higher strengths per unit weight than either organosheets or steel. The unidirectionally arranged, pre-stretched fibres are simultaneously activated when subject to tensile forces. The internal material bond between fibres and polymer matrix is also particularly high and ensures that the acting forces are optimally accommodated. In providing the required strengths, W8SVR X-Ply laid fabrics can be purpose-configured in line with the magnitude and direction of the acting loads.

Stays in shape, even under pressure

W8SVR retains its shape long after other materials would have suffered deformation. Its tremendous flexural stiffness is achieved by pre-stretching the constituent fibres, which are subsequently processed (virtually) without undulation using special manufacturing technologies. The deformation under load of W8SVR is therefore up to 35 % lower than for older-generation composites.

A perfect finish in every sense

W8SVR meets all primary functional requirements in terms of strength, weight and stiffness, without making any compromises on aesthetic appeal. Thanks to their special manufacturing process, the neolaminates can be produced in very thin form with particularly smooth surfaces. This evenness makes them particularly eye-catching. If so desired, the surface can be additionally finished with films or coatings. W8SVR meets the highest standards in terms of aesthetic design.

Seizing the opportunities of customisation

Cutting costs, reducing weight, boosting performance, improving the aesthetics – most standard solutions are unable to reconcile these aims. W8SVR production can be tailored to requirements while efficiently meeting all financial and functional demands. They offer incredible flexibility:

  • Use of different raw materials (glass, carbon etc.)
  • Full configuration in line with acting loads, with tensile strengths in any required direction
  • Waste minimisation through semi-finished near-net-shape panels
  • Functionalised surfaces with UV resistance, scratch resistance, gloss effects, various colours and compatibilities with other materials
More information https://www.w8svr.com/