Impulse Space secures $45M in series a funding round

Impulse Space, Inc. – a leader in the development of in-space transportation services for the inner solar system – announced it has secured $45 million in its Series A funding round. The round is led by RTX Ventures, the venture capital arm of RTX.

Impulse Space secures $45M in series a funding round

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“With the support from RTX Ventures, Impulse Space continues on the path toward its mission to provide agile, economic logistics services in any orbit,” says Impulse Space Founder and CEO Tom Mueller. “It speaks volumes that a leading investment firm is confident in the future of Impulse Space and its trailblazing technology.”

With an oversubscribed funding round, Impulse Space will be continuing its progress with its work in upcoming missions, such as LEO Express-1 (with in-house composite overwrapped propellant tanks), a GEO refueling mission and the upcoming mission to Mars. Specifically, this funding will support the development of Impulse’s largest vehicle yet, called Helios. The Helios kick stage enables direct to Geostationary Equatorial Orbit missions, thus bypassing the need for a Geostationary Transfer Orbit.

“RTX Ventures invests in companies that we believe provide breakthrough technologies that disrupt aerospace, defense and commercial aviation sectors,” says President and Managing Director Daniel Ateya at RTX Ventures. “Our investment will help Impulse Space accelerate their growth and fuel innovation within the space economy.”

Mira : Fast and precise on-demand maneuvering with best-in-class propulsion (Photo courtesy of Impulse Space)
Left: Mira space vehicle
Right: In-house composite overwrapped propellant tanks
(Photo courtesy of Impulse Space)

The Series A funding round also included other participant investors, such as Founders Fund, Lux Capital, Airbus Ventures and Space Capital.

About Impulse Space:
Founded in 2021, Impulse Space is providing agile, economical space logistics services. With a near-term focus on Low Earth Orbit (LEO), services include in-space transportation to custom orbits, in-space payload hosting and space asset repositioning services including deorbiting. Long-term, Impulse will offer services for all classes of payloads to distant destinations such as Geostationary Equatorial Orbit (GEO), the Moon, and Mars.

More information www.impulsespace.com