KraussMaffei adds Additive Manufacturing to complement its existing product portfolio

Under the motto ” MAKE PLASTIC GREEN. WITH HIGHEST QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY.”, KraussMaffei has presented numerous innovations at the K trade show. The 184-year-old mechanical engineering company is thus underpinning its claim as a leading supplier of sustainable solutions and innovation driver for the plastics industry.

KraussMaffei adds Additive Manufacturing to complement its existing product portfolio

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For the first time, KraussMaffei has exhibited large-scale 3D printing systems for industrial use at the K trade show. Additive Manufacturing will now complement the existing product portfolio (Injection Molding, Extrusion and Reaction Process Machinery) as a fourth pillar. In addition, visitors to the booth were able to experience a complete Circular Economy cycle in which the quality of the recycled plastic was retained. KraussMaffei also presented new mid-market solutions and innovative digital services which help to minimize downtimes and reduce CO2 emissions. 

“Sustainability and innovation are two mega topics of our industry. They are therefore at the heart of our corporate and product strategy. We are making plastic green with maximum efficiency and quality,” says the CEO of KraussMaffei, Dr. Michael Ruf. “We want to be a one-stop solution provider for our customers in all aspects of plastics processing, just as they have known KraussMaffei for many years. With our consulting, our products and our service, we want to make them fit for a successful, efficient, digital and, above all, sustainable future. To do this, they need innovative and holistic solutions across the entire product life cycle. We will be showing that complete package at this important trade show.”

Unveiling the Additive Manufacturing Systems at K2022

Principal shareholder supports strategy

Fanrong Li, Chairman of KraussMaffei principal owner Sinochem, adds: “KraussMaffei, with a long historical and leading advantage in the field of plastic machinery, is a very important component of Sinochem’s portfolio. We are firmly convinced that it can create greater value for the industry, leading to further growth in the medium to long term. The Asian market, and China in particular, offer many opportunities which we will tackle together as a group. We fully support KraussMaffei’s strategy and vision of shaping the company into one of the leading international solution providers in the field of plastics processing machinery.”

KraussMaffei focuses on Additive Manufacturing on a large scale

At the K trade show, the new KraussMaffei continued to take shape. With the Additive Manufacturing machines now being presented, large, complex plastic components as well as small parts with the highest demands on surface quality and with detailed resolution can be printed in high volumes. Customers benefit from low total unit costs (“cost per part”).

The machines are supplied as complete solutions that guarantee absolute process stability and part quality. They do not require expensive test prints (“first time right”), which enables customers to achieve significant material and cost savings. “Additive Manufacturing ideally complements our existing portfolio. Thanks to our extensive expertise in materials and manufacturing processes, we are able to produce highly efficient 3D printers that offer our customers great added value from day one,” says CEO Dr. Michael Ruf. 

In addition, KraussMaffei is positioning itself at the trade fair as an important pioneer of the Circular Economy (CE) in the plastics industry. A complete CE cycle was on display, in which a high-quality automotive part is produced from recyclate. With its modern recycling technology, KraussMaffei, which itself aims to achieve a corporate carbon footprint of zero by 2030 and thus operate its plants in a completely climate-neutral manner, is making an important contribution to avoiding plastic waste

Efficient: precisionMolding and powerMolding injection molding machines

KraussMaffei also presented the new mid-market solutions powerMolding and precisionMolding. The new injection molding machine series combine high power density with economical production – and this with fast availability. precisionMolding, as an all-electric injection molding machine, has very good energy efficiency. powerMolding offers the KraussMaffei BluePower servo drive as standard and thus, depending on the application, up to 40 percent better energy efficiency than comparable standard injection molding machines.

Innovation leader in digital solutions

By far the largest part of their CO2 footprint is caused by machines and plants during operation. Only with the right data can processes and consumptions be further optimized, and any problems solved. As a result, CO2 emissions and downtimes are reduced. KraussMaffei sees itself as a market and innovation leader in digital products and services and intends to further expand this position.

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