Kyowa MFG unveils their CFRP cutting technology and R&D

Kyowa MFG can perform precise and ultra-fine CFRP cutting to a 1/100 mm accuracy without impairing material strength or causing delamination. The company also researches, develops and designs blades with specific shapes, and cuts with highly-durable blades without diamond coating or cemented carbide. In addition, CFRTP (thermoplastic resin) is also designed according to the purpose of use, blade shape or processing method, allowing high-precision cutting.
It also receives various requests and conducts research and development daily.
Four of its development areas are presented below.

Kyowa MFG unveils their CFRP cutting technology and R&D

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Professional radio control parts

Under the supervision of experts working in the radio control industry for 30 years, Kyowa MFG has started to design materials that can help professional racers win competitions. For the main chassis, the cloth material on the surface, which is not related to strength, is omitted during material moulding. To improve running performance, a unidirectional (UD) reinforcement material is used. The balance between bending and strength is adjusted specifically for racing. Using the main chassis made of that material, the company was able to achieve an average speed increase of 0.8 seconds per lap.

Magnetically shielding CFRP

Magnetic CFRP is a CFRP material manufactured using a special method to block electromagnetic waves, especially those emitted by devices such as mobile phones, which are harmful to the human body. Since the composition of the material changes slightly depending on the electromagnetic wave band, Kyowa MFG is researching a magnetic CFRP suitable for each band.

CFRP structures

Qualified architects are researching and developing structures using CFRP plates and square pipes. Kyowa MFG manufactures easy-to-assemble tents, communication antenna mounts, temporary stands, etc. utilizing the characteristics of CFRP. Since they are lightweight and can be disassembled, these structures can be transported by a small truck and need only a small number of people for their assembly.

Coating and painting

The company is also researching coatings with their partners in order to strengthen the original characteristics of CFRP and make up for the material’s weaknesses. In addition to improving water, chemical and heat resistance, the latest coating is resistant to ultraviolet rays and can prevent carbon chipping.

With partner companies, Kyowa MFG is also researching painting by printing and designed a painting system that prevents colour fading.

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