Levidian partners with composite leader Adamant

Levidian Nanosystems and Adamant Composites Limited have signed a joint development agreement (JDA) to collaborate on enhancing composite materials with Levidian’s unique graphene.

Levidian partners with composite leader Adamant

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Over the next three years, the two companies will leverage their specialist understanding of advanced materials to incorporate Levidian’s sustainable graphene in a range of composite materials. The addition of graphene to composite materials and components will lead to improved process times while augmenting physical properties.

The JDA will focus on the unique properties of graphene allowing innovative processing methods and applications in advanced composites. Together we will develop fabrics, pre-preg, resin, adhesives, and coatings that address the challenges faced today in various industries including automotive, aerospace and space, and wind energy.

“We know that graphene has strong applications in composites. Working with the excellent team at Adamant, we will develop materials that can deliver significant performance and efficiency gains.” said John Hartley, CEO, Levidian.

“Since our foundation we have been investing in industrialising new technologies and we succeed to deliver to our customers high performing solutions harnessing nanotechnology. I am very excited to partner with Levidian, joining our expertise to unlock the great potential of graphene for lightweight and sustainable composites material solutions.” said Antonios Vavouliotis, Managing Director, Adamant Composites.

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