Lufthansa is first to retrofit its A320 with Airspace L Bins from EFW

Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW), competence centre for Airbus Aircraft Conversions (P2F), for lightweight components and cabin systems like the new upsized overhead bins for Airbus, the “Airspace L Bins”, is glad that Lufthansa is becoming the first Airbus customer for the L Bins.

Lufthansa is first to retrofit its A320 with Airspace L Bins from EFW

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From early 2025, Lufthansa is going to get 38 A320s refitted with the new bins. This retrofit solution can be installed within 3-5 days, providing minimum cabin modifications. The Airspace L Bins optimize airline and passenger needs, allowing for 60% more cabin luggage space.

Airbus Head of Commercial Services Europe Charbel Youzkatli says, “We know from talking with airline customers that bigger bins are a clear need to enhance the passenger experience. As with the XL bins, the L bins provide more space with the added advantage of a plug and play retrofit. We are thrilled to see Lufthansa as the first to offer the L Bins to its passengers and to reap the efficiency benefits it brings to aircraft turnarounds.”

EFW has been awarded earlier this year by Airbus as manufacturer for the Airspace L Bin collaborating closely with the Airbus design team to offer a well-fitting, cost-efficient and sustainable product.

“We are very glad Lufthansa is taking advantage of Airspace L bins as first customer of Airbus,” says Jordi Boto, CEO of EFW. “Becoming supplier of this cabin retrofit solution is showing that we have full capabilities to support customers with cabin interior systems.”

EFW is an experienced Airbus First Tier supplier for composite components for more than three decades with a steady growth of product portfolio: from flat cabin and cargo floor panels and linings up to cabin interiors like partitions or crew rest compartments and lavatories for Passenger to freighter aircraft. Based on EFWs capabilities in product design, the know-how in top edge, efficient production processes ensuring cost efficient and high-quality production, the company developed from a manufacturer to a provider of system solutions for aerospace.

The bins are made of ultra-lightweight and highly stable composite products. As with all Airbus retrofits, reusing the same components to minimise waste is a key consideration. The L Bin re-uses many parts of the original bin including the sidewall, ceiling and lighting

More information www.elbeflugzeugwerke.com