Mason Graphite announces commercial usage of Black Swan Graphene product in concrete

Mason Graphite Inc. announces that graphene resulting from the patented process owned by Black Swan Graphene Inc., and produced by Black Swan’s strategic shareholder Thomas Swan & Co., was recently used in the concrete mix poured during the construction of a large residential development in the United Kingdom.

Mason Graphite announces commercial usage of Black Swan Graphene product in concrete

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Nationwide Engineering Group, a construction focused service provider with dedicated integrated companies, has used the graphene-enhanced concrete developed by Concretene, a whole owned subsidiary, in a £17.5M (CA$30.5M) residential development in Salisbury, 150 km west of London, England. 

Concrete is one of the most used substances on earth and is directly responsible for more than 8% of global greenhouse gases emissions. This graphene-enhanced concrete reduces C02 emissions by 30%, reduces the overall costs by 20%, generally eliminates the use of rebar reinforcement and, mainly because of its resistance to water penetration, results in a longer lasting concrete. The graphene-enhanced concrete developed by Concretene is also currently being trialled in rail, air, road, marine, residential, commercial, and civil engineering applications throughout the United Kingdom by Nationwide Engineering Group. 

Accelerated video of the construction

Mr. Harry Swan, Director of Black Swan Graphene and CEO of Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd., commented:
“The use of our graphene in the construction of a residential building speaks volume to the suitability of our products for large scale industrial applications. This is a very exciting moment as we continue to work with several partners to prepare for large scale commercialization of products in different industries, such as polymers, Li-ion batteries, and several other sectors in addition to concrete.” 

Black Swan Graphene Inc. is a private company jointly owned by Mason Graphite (66.7%) and Thomas Swan & Co. (33.3%) focused on the large-scale production and commercialisation of patented high-performance low-cost graphene products. Black Swan is currently evaluating different strategic options and is expected to proceed to a go-public transaction in a near future. For more information on Black Swan

More information www.thomas-swan.co.uk