Mistras receives patent on its innovative Sensoria™ wind blade monitoring technology

Mistras Group Inc a leading “one source” multinational provider of integrated technology-enabled asset protection solutions — announced that it has received a U.S. patent for the technology behind Sensoria™, its innovative 24/7/365 rotor blade monitoring system and sensors that enable blade integrity management for wind turbine owners and operators.

Mistras receives patent on its innovative Sensoria™ wind blade monitoring technology

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Sensoria is a remote rotor blade monitor that detects and reports damages in real-time, including cracks, lightning strikes, skin ruptures and perforations (including those caused by leading-edge erosion), delaminations, and more. By sending immediate damage alerts to operators, Sensoria enables them to maximize blade uptime and generating capacity while preventing damages from worsening.

The patent (patent #11168668) demonstrates Mistras’ dedication, innovation, and leadership in wind energy.

Chief Executive Officer and President Dennis Bertolotti commented, “Wind turbines may be at the forefront of the 21st-century energy industry, but the tools available for maintaining them have historically lagged further behind. Sensoria bridges this gap and provides value for owners and operators by helping to detect problems before their turbine assets are forced offline,” continued Bertolotti, “and this new patent helps protect the investment we have made in developing this innovative technology.”

By “listening” for signs of damage before they become visible, Sensoria incorporates Mistras Group’s world-class acoustic emission (AE) technology for the early detection of trouble. Some of the world’s most valuable assets, including bridges, refineries, transformers, and iconic structures, depend on Mistras’ proven AE technology to help operators make earlier, better-informed integrity decisions.

“Sensoria™ empowers our customers to operate more productively, cost-effectively, and safely,” said Jon Wolk, Mistras Group Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “The combination of our advanced technology, monitoring expertise, and maintenance resources digitalizes the blade integrity management process for our wind energy customers, helping to minimize maintenance costs and maximize uptime.”

As the wind energy market grows exponentially worldwide, blades continue to age and require more advanced solutions to ensure productivity and integrity. With Sensoria™, wind energy organizations gain Edge-to-Edge Intelligence to transform their wind blade integrity management.

About Mistras Group, Inc.:
Mistras Group, Inc. is a “one source” multinational provider of integrated technology-enabled asset protection solutions, helping to maximize the safety and operational uptime of civilization’s most critical industrial and civil assets.

Backed by a data-driven asset protection portfolio, proprietary technologies, and a decades-long legacy of industry leadership, Mistras leads clients in the oil and gas, aerospace and defense, power, civil infrastructure, and manufacturing industries towards achieving operational excellence. By supporting these organizations that help fuel our vehicles and power our society, inspecting components that are trusted for commercial, defense, and spacecraft, and building monitoring equipment to enable safe travel, Mistras helps the world at large.

Mistras enhances value for its clients by integrating asset protection throughout supply chains and centralizing data through a suite of Industrial IoT-connected digital software and monitoring solutions. The company’s core capabilities include non-destructive testing field and in-line inspections enhanced by robotics, laboratory quality control and assurance testing, sensing technologies and equipment, asset and mechanical integrity engineering services, and light mechanical maintenance and access services.

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