Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America announces Airtech International as global distributor for NEXX technologies’ products

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) announced Airtech International Inc. as its global distribution partner for its NEXX Technologies business division. Airtech will be distributing NEXX Technologies’ Enduredge Max lines of modified epoxy prepreg fabrics and unidirectional tapes in the USA, China, Europe and the UK.

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America announces Airtech International as global distributor for NEXX technologies’ products

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“When devising our materials growth strategy, Airtech was at the forefront for global distribution,” said Joe Kidd, General Manager – NEXX Technologies. “Airtech’s position in the composites market with their composites’ fabrication focus makes them the ultimate distribution partner for NEXX Technologies’ Enduredge Max prepreg fabrics.”

Airtech boasts six manufacturing/distribution centers worldwide, making quick and reliable delivery of materials possible. Domestic distribution centers are in California and Tennessee. International locations include Luxembourg, England and China, with additional expansion underway.

The Enduredge Max portfolio of modified epoxy prepregs offers performance and processing characteristics suitable for aerospace, space, Radomes and defense. These advanced materials deliver extended out time and excellent vacuum bag-only processing. They do not require freezer storage and can be stored at room temperature for up to a year without any changes in rheology or processing conditions. “Due to the unique stability of the Enduredge Max products, Airtech will be able to fulfill and deliver at dramatically shorter lead times than legacy prepreg products,” concluded Mr. Kidd.

Enduredge Modified Epoxy Product lines include NT-300, which provides excellent strength and toughness while providing an outstanding surface finish, making it ideal for any parts requiring high cosmetically appealing appearance; NT-350, designed for aerospace secondary and primary structures, space and satellite structures and Radomes; and NT-350HT, which offers high strength and high impact resistance, perfect for Radomes applications.

“As a technical partner to our customers, we recognize NEXX prepregs deliver unique enabling features for multiple applications and processes. Their products display excellent mechanical property laminates with high-quality surface finish, no freezer storage, enabling flexible workflows, reduced waste and lower energy usage, and thicker laminate capability,” expressed AirTech President/CEO Jeff Dahlgren. “As a global supplier to the composite industry, we are convinced this industry-advancing partnership will drive innovation and development, bringing game-changing advantages to our customers.”

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