MVP introduces new technical service solution, CARE

Magnum Venus Products (MVP) introduces a new technical service solution called CARE. Powered by MVP, CARE is an innovative solution to technical service with a scalable range of offerings, from vending and scanning solutions to full-time on-site support.

MVP introduces new technical service solution, CARE

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CARE was established to reduce manufacturing downtime by creating consistent parts availability and delivering regular maintenance on MVP equipment. The program offers a variety of customizable solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs with flat rate monthly fees for labor and parts. More uptime is every manufacturer’s goal, and CARE was designed to eliminate roadblocks like parts availability, labor shortages, and improper equipment maintenance.

CARE’s name represents its core values of collaborative, accessible, reliable, and experienced. MVP is renowned for its technical service and customer support, with many of the CARE technicians equipped with decades of industry experience. “The purpose of CARE is to make our customers better at what they already do so well,” says Bruce Ott, Director of Customer Experience for MVP. “With CARE, MVP customers will be able to focus more on improving their product and less on equipment maintenance and downtime.” 

MVP is pleased to partner with AutoCrib, a top-of-the-line automated inventory control systems provider to offer industrial vending solutions for MVP parts. These systems reduce purchasing complexity and stocking issues on critical spare parts and ensure genuine OEM products for maintaining MVP equipment to factory standards. “We are excited to bring Autocrib’s world-class industrial vending systems to MVP customers,” Ott says. “The partnership of CARE and Autocrib will ensure quality and accuracy and bring significant return on investment in very short payback periods.”

More information www.mvpind.com