MVP launches novel seal for closed molding applications eliminating single-use sealant tapes and reducing waste

Magnum Venus Products (MVP) developed a reusable 2-part seal for the vacuum infusion closed mold process replacing single-use sealant tapes. The new patent-pending seal, called the Secure Vacuum Bag Seal (SVB Seal), was designed to reduce consumable cost and waste, decrease time and labor requirements, and improve part quality and consistency.

MVP launches novel seal for closed molding applications eliminating single-use sealant tapes and reducing waste

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The current infusion process, or vacuum infusion process (VIP), requires sealant tapes, commonly known as tacky tape, to secure plastic bagging around the perimeter of the mold. Tacky tape is a consumable, meaning it can only be used once, and it is labor intensive to apply due to the folds of the bag causing pleating and leading to air leaks. The SVB Seal eliminates pleating and creates an air-tight seal with every part. In addition to reducing consumable waste, one SVB Seal can be used to build hundreds of parts before needing to be replaced, resulting in significant cost savings for manufacturers.

The SVB Seal is designed to fit into a groove built into the perimeter of the mold. The set-up is the same as the typical vacuum bagging process. Once the laminate is prepared for infusion, the bag is applied to the top of the mold. Instead of applying tacky tape to seal the bag to the perimeter of the mold, the bag is secured into a groove in the mold flange under the first half of the SVB Seal. Once the first half of the seal is in place, the second half of the seal is added, and vacuum is pulled on the mold. The result is an airtight seal and consistent infusion

MVP is no stranger to process innovations in closed molding. With the launch of Flex Molding in 2010 and Fast Flow LRTM in 2020, MVP has been modernizing closed mold techniques for decades. “MVP brings global experience from hundreds of customers to formulate individualized and comprehensive closed mold solutions,” said Andrew Hedger, Senior Director of Business Development for MVP. “What makes us unique is we are able to offer not only equipment, but a full package of resources, knowledge, and training necessary to achieve impactful process improvements capable of transforming industries.”

Charles Tur, MVP’s closed molding specialist, will be leading live demonstrations every day with the SVB Seal at CAMX in the MVP booth T11.

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