Nexans and Epsilon Composite cable strengthen their partnership through major high voltage overhead line projects in Europe

Nexans and Epsilon Composite Cable, two renowned French companies in the cable and carbon fiber pultrusion industries, are witnessing an exciting year 2023 with several awarded projects in Europe.

Nexans and Epsilon Composite cable strengthen their partnership through major high voltage overhead line projects in Europe

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These projects involve supplying bare overhead aluminum conductors with composite cores for lines up to 400kV in Spain, Germany, and Montenegro. All these projects have a common objective of improving grid flexibility to support the rapid increase in renewable energy generation.

Under the HVCRC® brand, Epsilon Composite Cable has developed a complete range of High Temperature Low Sag conductors made of a carbon-glass epoxy composite core and trapezoidal aluminum strands, designed to improve line ampacity, reduce sag and electrical losses.

Composite core conductors were first installed 20 years ago. By replacing the traditional steel core with a carbon fiber composite core, the operating temperature can be doubled. Carbon fiber’s has a coefficient of thermal expansion ten times lower than steel. This feature allows the transmission of peak energy from renewable sources. Moreover, the use of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) reduces the weight of conductors significantly. The CFRP is four times lighter than steel, which enables the design of conductors with an additional 30% aluminum cross-section without increasing the conductor’s weight. This translates to a reduction in electrical resistance by over 30%, resulting in considerable savings in electricity, CO2 emissions, and generation costs.

Romain Coullette, Sales Director at Epsilon Composite Cable said: “By improving the grid performance, flexibility and resiliency, High Voltage Composite Reinforced Conductors are a vital component of the energy transition. We are proud to work alongside Nexans to provide such innovative solutions to electrical utilities worldwide, and look forward to the upcoming projects.”

Nexans and Epsilon Composite Cable have a long-standing partnership, which started ten years ago when they collaborated on a 90kV pilot project for RTE in 2013. By using the Lo-Sag® conductor designed by Nexans with an aluminum cladding to prevent galvanic corrosion between CFRP and aluminum wires both compagnies proved their technical expertise and answered needs.

Stéphane Morice, OHL Business Manager at Nexans added: “Nexans electrify the future by deploying high capacity overhead conductors with Epsilon carbon fiber cores to double line capacity and support the rise of energy demand.”

Epsilon also developed a cost-competitive solution called HVCRC® (High Voltage Composite Reinforced Conductor) with a slightly lower modulus of elasticity, this solution is particularly well suited to locations with limited ice loads. This technology has been successfully installed since 2012 in many countries across Asia, Africa and America. Today, along with Nexans, HVCRC® is also showing success in Southern Europe.

By leveraging both companies expertise and experience in their respective fields of cable standing and carbon fiber pultrusion, Nexans and Epsilon Composite Cable contribute to build a stronger electric grid, and are positioned as ideal partners for any project requiring composite core conductors.

Meet Epsilon Composite at JEC World 2023, hall 6, booth F6.

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