NMG Composites to launch a wind power pultrusion production line

China’s NMG Composites held a ceremony to celebrate the successful trial production of the first phase of a new wind power pultrusion production line at the company’s headquarters base in Zhejiang province.

NMG Composites to launch a wind power pultrusion production line

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The first-phase project of NMG Composites’ wind power pultrusion production line, with a production capacity of 10,000 tons, adopts the most advanced pultrusion process while maintaining constant temperature and humidity in the production workshop. The successful commissioning of the project equipment will make NMG Composites’ products in the field of wind power more serialized, diversified and high-end, so that it can serve wind power customers more effectively and comprehensively.  

This new pultrusion line is launched in a context of dynamic development for the company. On April 2022, NMG Composites implemented a new foaming line with a production capacity of 160 000 m3. It mainly produces sandwich foam for wind energy composite materials and cryogenic insulation foam for LNG, etc. 

Cai Zhengjie, chairman of the company, said: “The two major projects will transform and upgrade NMG Composites’ products and market structure, and are an important part of our development strategy. We will further build the two major product systems of polymer composite materials and fiber composite materials at a high level to promote sustainable development of enterprises and society.” 

Expansion in South-East Asia 

Earlier, in August 2020, while the pandemic already seriously impacted the possibility to travel outside China, NMG Composites executives investigated the Rayong Industrial Park in Thailand through a large screen showing aerial views of the park. These views were taken by drones simultaneously operated by the park’s staff, who was guiding NMG through the park. The Rayong Industrial Park is situated 114 kilometers away from Bangkok. Through these live video inspections, NMG executives could investigate the park online and learn about the local environment and policies. They soon decided to settle in Rayon Industrial Park and completed within a few months all registration preliminary work.   

The factory set up in Thailand was put into operation in March 2021, and shipments started in May of the same year.   

Founded in 2006, NMG Composites is specializing in R&D, production and marketing of high-performance composites materials, technical fabrics and structure core materials. NMG provides services for such fields as new energy, transportation, marine & ocean project, environmental protection, sports and general aviation.    

Production bases integrated with research, production, marketing and logistics services have been established in Zhejiang province, China, Gorizia in Italy and Rayong, Thailand. NMG is setting up a global sales service network based on these three manufactories.   

In its headquarters in Zhejiang province, NMG China works for all three production lines (core materials, technical fabrics and high-performance composites materials), providing services for customers all over the world.  

Italy-based NMG EU focuses on foaming and foam kits production, and is mainly supplying the EU and US market.

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