On the occasion of JEC World 2023, the DEMGY Group presents its latest innovations

The DEMGY Group, whose head office is located in Normandy, will participate in the JEC World 2023 exhibition to present its latest innovations.

On the occasion of JEC World 2023, the DEMGY Group presents its latest innovations

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The DEMGY Group is developing its Multiplasturgy concept® which becomes circular Multiplasturgy®-cM.
Based on the DEMGY Group’s 14 areas of expertise, the Circular Multiplasturgy concept® integrates an eco-design approach from the very beginning, which allows for upstream management of the end-of-life of products and their ability to be recycled.

The DEMGY Group’s two R&D centers create innovative, customizable production processes to meet all demands for complex parts.

FLAXCOMP® CLEAR, encapsulate nature.


Flaxcomp® by DEMGY is the transformation of thermoplastic composites reinforced by natural fibers and illustrates our know-how on the transformation processes of thermoplastic composites reinforced by natural fibers. The strength of the new FLAXCOMP® CLEAR solution, a combination of a transparent resin and a natural fiber (association of flax with transparent recyclable thermoplastic resins) :

• A finish reminiscent of the gloss of epoxy finishes, an aesthetic enhancement of the linen fiber thanks to a process solution that brings depth and gloss, while being 100% recyclable

• The use of processes respectful of the linen fiber to preserve its specific properties (mechanical properties and vibration absorption): 2/2 linen twill fabric associated with a transparent thermoplastic matrix.

• The innovative Flaxcomp® solution is fully customizable with multiple options such as surface texturing

• Flaxcomp® is applicable to high volume markets such as automotive interiors, luxury, sports and leisure.

Net-shape hybrid process
DEMGY accompanied Kipsta, Decathlon’s soccer brand, in the development of their new TRAXIUM COMPRESSOR soccer shoe, officially launched and now available in stores: eco-designed, 100% thermoplastic, made in France.

Designed in Tourcoing, co-developed and manufactured in Nantes by Demgy Atlantique, the Traxium Compressor is available since January 13, 2023 in 21 Decathlon stores in Europe.

Kipsta/Decathlon ©DEMGY

To design the Traxium Compressor, DEMGY innovated in the hybrid Net-shape process from textile preforms.

While traditional shoes are made from varnished 2D fabrics, cut and then shaped to the shape of the foot in 3D by gluing on an injected sole, the Traxium Compressor is designed without sewing or glue. It is molded in a single manufacturing step. This technique gives it a durability well above the average with a promise of 350 experiences (uses), 3.5 times more than another shoe. It is guaranteed for 10 years against delamination between the upper and the sole. Its public price is 95 euros.

The Traxium Compressor will also be presented on the Innovation Planets area at JEC World 2023.

Hybrid composite: stamping and overmolding
The hybrid instrument panel concept patented by Airbus Atlantic as part of the Advanced Cockpit project was developed with DEMGY experts.

Within the framework of this main control panel substructure project, DEMGY Group worked on the development, optimization and industrialization of this new hybrid thermoplastic structure concept, proposed by Airbus Atlantic.

The Group has created an innovative shape from a sheet of composite material by stamping, machining and overmolding parts to assemble them into a single piece. This new development is a demonstration of the Group’s ability to combine technologies into a large, complex part made up of more than twenty components of different materials. This part will be on display at company booth, hall 5, stand B46.

With its DEMGY 3D Workshop, including 2 additive manufacturing stations, the DEMGY Group is the 1st European industrialist equipped to produce functional parts and components delivered worldwide, in high performance PEKK carbon polymers:

With its EOS P 810 stations, including a new one acquired in 2022, a laser sintering machine using the EOS HT-23 material (based on PEKK Kepstan®, Arkema’s extreme polymer, and reinforced with carbon fibers).

With a build volume of 700 x 380 x 380 mm, the EOS P 810 enables rapid production of high performance polymer parts in series directly from CAD data without the need for tooling. These parts offer high strength at low weight and withstand temperatures well above 200°C.

All parts or components from the DEMGY 3D workshop can be metallized to provide electrical continuity or to serve as electromagnetic shielding.

Meet DEMGY at JEC World 2023, hall 5, booth B46, and on the Innovation Planet.

More information www.demgy.com