Plastic Omnium wins a major contract with Huyndai to supply high-end hydrogen vessels

At this year’s IAA (Internationale Automobilausstellung), held in Munich, Plastic Omnium is announcing a number of innovations and partnerships that confirm its involvement in the clean and connected mobility of tomorrow.

Plastic Omnium wins a major contract with Huyndai to supply high-end hydrogen vessels

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A major contract with Huyndai to supply high-end hydrogen vessels, produced in Korea, highlighting the Group’s successful zero emission strategy.

The Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) has selected Plastic Omnium to equip its new Multi-Purpose Vehicle STARIA with hydrogen storage systems. This contract represents for Plastic Omnium a total volume of more than 30,000 units per year, from 2023.

Type IV 700- bar High-Pressure Vessels (HPV) will be developed with the support of our teams in Europe and China and produced in Korea, in Plastic Omnium’s plant of Gyeong-Ju. With an initial investment of €30m, the plant will host a new hydrogen vessels production line to support the Group’s development in Korean market.

Christian Kopp, President and CEO Plastic Omnium Clean Energy Systems says:
“We are proud that Hyundai has entrusted Plastic Omnium to support its commitment to zero emission mobility. This major award underlines the Group’s technological leadership in hydrogen technologies, as well as its industrial capabilities to produce and deliver high-end Hydrogen vessels and systems, worldwide.”

Plastic Omnium’s solution, which offers a thin hydrogen storage system, can be housed in the vehicle’s floor architecture. This system gives carmakers the flexibility to integrate, on one single architecture, either battery or hydrogen storage modules.

This commercial success adds up on several 2020 contracts in the accelerating zero-emission mobility market, and testifies of the Group’s Hydrogen strategy relevance. Plastic Omnium has achieved 5% of its 2020 revenue from electrified vehicle contracts and aims to increase this figure to 17% by 2025.

Disruptive innovation in exterior body part connectivity

In addition, through an exclusive partnership, Plastic Omnium and Greenerwave join forces to develop a new generation of 4D imaging radar. Combining the cutting-edge technology of this start-up, spin-off fom Institut Langevin specialized in waves physics, with Plastic Omnium’s development and integration capabilities, this 4D imaging radar will take vehicle obstacle detection capability to a next level in 2025, enhancing driving safety.
This new-generation 4D radar promises to detect the vehicle’s environment at long range (up to 300 meters) with a resolution ten times higher than that of current radars, enabling distinction between a pedestrian and a motorcyclist for example, on an extended field of view. It would make it possible to replace several driving assistance sensors with a single 4D radar, with savings in terms of cost and integration in vehicles.

Plastic Omnium and Greenerwave join forces to develop a new generation of 4D imaging radar.

After the presentation of the first prototypes in 2022, this new technology should help accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles by 2025, including in dense and complex environments. The rapidly growing team currently comprises some 20 people, divided between Greenerwave’s offices in Paris and the Plastic Omnium Σ-Sigmatech R&D center near Lyon.
“Our partnership with Greenerwave aims to turn the entire bumper surface into a giant radar aperture, boosting ADAS systems performance. This disruptive innovation improving connectivity and safety illustrates the importance of opening up our ecosystem in a context of deep and rapid industry transformation”. Stéphane Noël, President and CEO of Plastic Omnium Intelligent Exterior Systems.

HBPO, a leader in complex modules has won the first order for its innovative electric charge port door module.

A leading EV American carmaker has chosen HBPO to supply their new vehicle with electric charging lid modules. HBPO’s Lid module is an innovative and versatile solution enabling various closing mechanisms, such as an actuator-driven lid capable of remote automatic opening and closing. HBPO’s Lid can also include diverse functions such as a push- lock, gesture sensors, charging indicator, integrated lightening, and other features for greater users’ convenience.

Martin Schüler, President and CEO of HBPO says:
«Our Lid innovation results from user understanding, customer intimacy and cooperation, and builds on new market opportunities opened by e-mobility. After this first conversion into business. I`m convinced, that additional customers awards will follow in the next months. »

The Plastic Omnium stand in Munich will also feature other innovations that focus on accelerating vehicle electrification, improving road user safety and comfort, reducing weight and therefore emissions.

  • Presentation of the new generations of Smart Face and Smart Tailgate, intelligent bumpers and tailgates with interactive and communicating light signatures, ever lighter and more competitive. These innovations make it possible to further personalize models and enhance communication for greater safety.
  • Plastic Omnium is also deepening its commitment to hydrogen-powered electric vehicles by presenting complete systems that integrate a fuel tank and a fuel cell with a power output of up to 200 kW.
  • HBPO, a leader in complex modules, is presenting a new generation of front-end modules specifically adapted to the characteristics and uses of electric vehicles.

You can meet Meet Plastic Omnium at IAA Munich, from September 6 to 12, at their booth: B20, hall 3.

More information www.plasticomnium.com