Plataine receives SME 2021 Excellence in composites manufacturing award

Plataine receives SME 2021 Excellence in composites manufacturing award

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SME, the professional association committed to advancing manufacturing professionals, academia and communities, awarded Plataine an 2021 Excellence in Composites Manufacturing Award. The award, which is international in scope, honors contributions of those who have excelled in manufacturing products from advanced composite materials. That excellence can include developing innovative tooling and/or manufacturing process techniques for the manufacture of products that have helped accelerate composites’ growth through superior service, quality or cost-reduction initiatives.

Michael Packer, SME president, says “Aerospace and Defense manufacturing sectors are coming back fast to support the accelerating growth in aircraft production. The large OEMs announced their plans to support airline demand and double the aircraft fleet over the next 20 years. Innovation must occur to enable this growth with special focus on process automation and improvement in materials, quality and throughput. Companies such as Plataine have risen to the challenge and are applying industry 4.0 solutions to support this immense task.”

Plataine received the Award for its instrumental achievements during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping its customers run their operations smoothly with smaller, less experienced workforces, maximizing utilization of existing resources and materials to increase product yield. In addition, Plataine’s solutions helped reduce costs related to quality control, increase visibility and improve remote production control. Finally, Plataine’s scheduling application helped to deal efficiently with supply chain and other disruptions.

Plataine offers Intelligent Automation and Optimization software solutions for advanced manufacturing that enable optimization of key processes on the production floor. The company’s solution consists of several modules (Digital Assistants) that allow, among other things, to automatically generate and track optimal production schedules, optimize raw material and parts inventory, maintain full traceability and perform simulations for various possible scenarios on the production floor. These capabilities allow organizations that choose to work with the Plataine’s product to set and meet new production standards, optimize current-day production, predict long-term and mid-term processes, manage organizational investments, improve productivity, and make smarter and more efficient business decisions in real-time.

“Plataine is honored with SME’s recognition and will continue to work with SME to advance AI in manufacturing” says Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO at Plataine. “This award further recognizes Plataine as the leading provider of IIoT and AI-based optimization solutions for advanced manufacturing, and we are proud to spearhead the process that turns production facilities into smart digital factories.”