Plataine selected by Muskogee Technology to implement IIoT manufacturing solution

Plataine has been selected as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution partner for Muskogee Technology, a provider of advanced fabrication, composite cutting & kitting, CNC machining, and inventory management services for the aerospace, defense, and oil & gas industries.

Plataine selected by Muskogee Technology to implement IIoT manufacturing solution

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Plataine’s solution will help Muskogee Technology maintain its premier reputation for cutting-edge operational capabilities by further digitizing and optimizing its manufacturing processes while improving efficiencies. This will be achieved by implementing a material shelf-life management system for time-sensitive composite materials, and by developing overall factory floor visibility and traceability with an RFID-enabled automated tracking system and a full digital thread of parts produced.

Plataine was selected due to its track record of working with companies in the aerospace sector and their globally recognized proficiency at offering leading IIoT and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to optimize advanced manufacturing operations. At Muskogee Technology, Plataine will leverage a network of RFID gates to enable automated material shelf-life management. This ensures that time- sensitive raw composite materials are monitored in real-time and processed via the FIFO (first-in- first-out) method.

Plataine’s AI-based Digital Assistants offer predictive alerts, actionable insights, and real-time recommendations to planning staff, thus allowing engineering resources to dynamically optimize operations during the manufacturing and production processes. This real-time information affords the user critical data necessary to make informed decisions regarding the use and consumption of costly raw materials. The Plataine system adds value by significantly reducing the threat of human error through automating tasks such as manual tracking of materials and freeing up skilled workers for other operations. Meanwhile, all production data is securely stored to form a Digital Thread, creating a record of the entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished product for quality control, compliance, and audit.

Westly L. Woodruff, President and Chief Executive Officer at Muskogee Technology, commented:

“We selected Plataine due to their strong performance at IIoT-based technologies and their impressive knowledge and technical reputation within the composites and aerospace industries. Plataine’s technical expertise – with a clear and concise plan for a tactical and rapid roll-out and comprehensive training for our staff – was key, as we are looking forward to executing this strategic alliance endeavour expeditiously”.

Avner Ben-Bassat, President and CEO of Plataine, adds:

“We are excited to be working with Muskogee Technology, who are involved in supplying some of the world’s most demanding industries today. Muskogee’s manufacturing processes are already highly advanced, and our goal is to jointly push the envelope even further”.

More information www.plataine.com