Polynt Composites announces price increase for Europe

The situation of the supply chain of the main raw materials related to their products has undergone an unprecedented escalation during the last few weeks, driven by the increase in the price of crude oil and the series of force majeure unleashed in the second half of February.

Polynt Composites announces price increase for Europe

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As a consequence, the availability of some raw materials has grown extremely tight, and unfortunately not all the quantities they need to serve their customers can be sourced in time. In March the increase in the contract and spot prices of some raw materials  – namely styrene and propylene glycols – has been dramatic and their absolute values have touched historical record levels.

Therefore, despite all the efforts we made to mitigate the cost pressure on the supply chain, they are forced to announce a further immediate increase across the entire UPR, VE and gelcoat product portfolio which will be promptly communicated by their sales representatives.

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