Pragmatic product carbon and LCA supporting consulting

The demand for increasing sustainability in production and for providing Product Carbon Footprint or LCA results to customers is steadily growing along the entire value chain.

Pragmatic product carbon  and LCA supporting consulting

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Are you already familiar with the given methods to calculate eco KPI’s like carbon footprint or global warming potential? Did you know that there is also a pragmatic way to indicate the production carbon footprint to e.g. derive material and technology benchmarks with low efforts?


AZL in collaboration with Conbility GmbH and fka GmbH offers you support in developing component concepts and corresponding production concepts including required production equipment, modelling of one or several process chain scenarios using Clonability’s OPLYSIS-eco software as well as search for input data of reference technologies, including expert interviews.


Furthermore, they offer a scenario-based cost and carbon footprint assessment, including sensitivity analysis for identification of key drivers. Beyond a carbon footprint assessment, they also support your holistic LCA with their modular approach.

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