Raise3D announces 32 new industrial filaments for E2CF 3D printer

Raise3D, a global provider of additive manufacturing solutions for SMEs and LSEs, announces 32 new industrial filaments for the E2CF 3D printer.

Raise3D announces 32 new industrial filaments for E2CF 3D printer

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The new filaments have in common a high strength-to-weight ratio and consistent high performance during long-term operations, which makes them particularly suitable for industries like automotive, aerospace and healthcare, and applications such as jigs and fixtures, engineering tooling and numerous industrial end-use parts. The new filaments are the result of a close collaboration between Raise3D and 16 worldwide renowned filament manufacturers (BASF Forward AM, Covestro, eSUN, Extrudr, FiberThree, Grupa Azoty, Handtmann, Jabil, Kexcelled, Kimya, LEHVOSS, NHH, Polymaker, RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers, Spectrum Filaments, TreeD), who participate in Raise3D’s Open Filament Program, and have achieved top quality results using their filament with the Raise3D E2CF 3D printer. The filaments approved under the Open Filament Program can be found on Raise3D’s ideaMaker Library. To download or import the printing profiles for the E2CF to ideaMaker, please visit the Raise3D ideaMaker Library.

The E2CF is a new model specifically intended for fiber-reinforced filaments, based on the E2 Raise3D’s general-purpose 3D printer that stands as a development platform for future optimized 3D printers. The E2CF was announced in August 2021 and has been available since January 2022. The E2CF is also Raise3D’s entry-level 3D printer for fiber-reinforced filaments, where the RMF500, of the industrial line, stands as the flagship. The E2CF is available for sale at 3,999 EUR in Europe and 4,499 USD in the rest of the world from authorized resellers .

“The Open Filament Program (OFP 1.0 & 2.0) is a long-term collaboration between Raise3D and filament manufacturers to identify top-performing filaments and to provide a large variety of proven materials validated by Raise3D for our customers. With the OFP 2.0, we strive to cooperate with the best filament manufacturers worldwide to ensure compatibility as well as excellent mechanical properties and printed parts performance. We focus on the properties and performance of the final printed parts. Raise3D engineers optimize all OFP 2.0 filaments printing templates with guidelines, not only based on part performance validation, but also the experience and input from our end-use application cases, to bridge the gap between materials and applications.” – Minde Jin (Phd), Director of materials & applications at Raise3D

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