Raise3D announces the RMF500, a large format FFF 3D printer using carbon fiber reinforced material

The RMF500 is designed to meet production demands of high-level manufacturing in terms of quality and speed, and can make end-parts that are stiffer, stronger more resistant to both heat and impact than conventionally 3D-printed parts.

Raise3D announces the RMF500, a large format FFF 3D printer using carbon fiber reinforced material

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Raise3D, the global provider of additive manufacturing solutions for SMEs and LSEs, announces the launch of Raise3D RMF500, a 3D printer aimed at small-batch production in the industrial sector.

The RMF500 was conceived to allow Raise3D’s industrial customers to expand their business to a more demanding level, where they can precisely and repeatedly fabricate end-use parts made of carbon fiber reinforced material at high speed.

Raise3D RMF500

The key capabilities of the RMF500:

The RMF500 has been designed to offer three main features that place it in a strong position within its segment:
• Highly Accurate Production Repeatability
• High Speed and Large Build Volume
• The ability to use High-Performance Material

Highly accurate production repeatability:
With its linear motors, the RMF500 can execute models with an accuracy of 0.001mm along the X and Y axes. Meanwhile it achieves precision of 0.0009765mm along the Z axis. Its 1μm closed-loop synchronous control reduces speed variations with load changes of the motor, enhancing precision even further.

Printed parts

High speed and large build volume:
The RMF500 has a large 500 x 500 x 500mm build area and can reach print speeds of up 300mm/s along with an acceleration of up to 2G and movement of up to 1000mm/s. Furthermore, with its Independent Dual Extruder system (IDEX), it is possible to execute 2 print jobs simultaneously, making the RMF500 even quicker and more productive.

The ability to use high-performance material:
Raise3D’s material scientists insistently worked to determine the best materials for reliable, uninterrupted printing of strong end-use parts. The result is a carbon fiber reinforced filament with higher rigidity and lower shrinkage ratio, it does not need a heated chamber to avoid warping, as is so customary in 3D printing. This leads to a far more efficient printer, that does not need to draw so much power, using 120W to power a single hotend. The resulting parts made from the carbon fiber reinforced filament are lightweight yet extremely strong, making them a potentially perfect alternative to metal parts.

Printed parts

Non-stop printing:
To ensure customers experience trouble-free, uninterrupted printing, the RMF500 is equipped with four 2.5kg super large cartridge (main and auxiliary, with sets each), where the 3D printer can switch automatically between main/auxiliary cartridges and reducing the need for constant intervention. Positive pressure humidity control keeps chamber humidity under 5% relative humidity.

Sturdy, durable construction:
Apart from all the other advantages, the RMF500 offers more benefits. All load-bearing structural parts of the RMF500 are made of high-grade harden steel, with the maximum load the Z-axis can withstand being around 100kg. The linear motor driven system has low clearance and low maintenance requirements. The deflection error of Z axis with a high load in the entire moving range is estimated to be 50% lower than that of competitive products.

Printed Parts
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