RAMPF Group is featuring high-performance epoxy boards and engineered solutions for composite manufacturing at JEC World 2022

Not one, not two, but three leading composite specialists will be present at the booth of the international RAMPF Group at JEC World, one of top international trade fairs for the composite industry.

RAMPF Group is featuring high-performance epoxy boards and engineered solutions for composite manufacturing at JEC World 2022

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RAMPF Tooling Solutions offers a comprehensive range of liquid, paste, and board materials specifically designed for composite modeling and mold engineering. This mainly includes epoxy systems, which cover a wide range of production processes and temperatures,  as well as epoxy boards.

The highlight at JEC World – RAKU® TOOL WB-0691, WB-0700, WB-0890, WB-0950 boards for applications in racing, marine, aerospace, and medical technology.

These feature:

  • Wide temperature application range (HDT 110 – 200 ºC)
  • Class A surfaces – reduced finishing effort, less sealer required, high edge strength 
  • Fast and easy to process – excellent milling properties, superior chip formation, no sticking, minimal dust
  • Adhesives that match temperature resistance and hardness of boards
  • Compatible with all paints, release agents, and epoxy prepregs in line with current industry standards
RAKU® TOOL WB-0890 has an extremely fine surface structure, which significantly reduces both finishing and the amount of sealer that has to be used. The surface finish can be transferred from the master model to the prepreg mold, so that no re-sanding of the mold is required and the service life of the prepreg molds is significantly increased.

RAMPF Group, Inc., the US subsidiary of the international RAMPF Group, has established itself as a leading supplier of liquid, paste, and board materials in the NAFTA markets. With its comprehensive range of services, the company also leads the way in terms of technology and quality. 

For the composite manufacturing sector on these markets, amongst others special mission aircraft for surveillance, aerial firefighting, and refueling as well as helicopters and urban air mobility, the company has developed a wide range of epoxy systems, including

  • RAKU® EI-2508 – the low-viscosity, low-temperature processing, and fast-curing FST system is used for aircraft interiors, rail interiors, and many other applications where flame-retardant properties are required
  • RAKU® EI-2510 – the high-temperature, toughened epoxy system exhibits excellent hot-wet properties (dry Tg 210 °C, wet Tg 174 °C), high fracture toughness, and is used for a wide range of structural applications in high-temperature environments; the low-temperature processing 2-component resin requires less investment in tooling and infrastructure and no special storage
  • RAKU® EI-2511 – high-performance, flame-retardant structural resin with a high Tg (dry 165 °C, wet 137 °C); the epoxy system fulfills 12 and 60 sec vertical burn and exhibits low viscosity at low processing temperature (200 mPas at 40 °C)

These systems are ideally suited for the early stages of product development or smaller-volume production, as they not only facilitate the cost-effective production of prototypes, but also offer full scalability for higher volume production.

For the manufacture of aerospace composite parts, RAMPF Group, Inc. has developed the cyanate ester infusion system RAKU® FST, which is used to manufacture secondary structures in passenger aircraft (e.g. interior parts, doors and cabins, evacuation system components) as well as seat covers and components in business jets. The low-viscosity infusion system boasts first-class mechanical properties and can be used for applications with FST (fire, smoke, and toxicity) requirements.

RAMPF Composite Solutions, offers world-class engineering & manufacturing services for the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, high-end consumer, and green transportation industries, developing technically advanced solutions from sketch to qualification:

  • Stress analysis and design
  • Part design and engineering
  • Tooling design and engineering
  • Material and process engineering and development
  • Project engineering and management
  • Manufacturing engineering

At JEC World, the company will be exhibiting, amongst others, a main landing gear fairing. The part, designed and manufactured by RAMPF Composite Solutions, replaces aluminum claddings, avoiding problems occurring from natural frequencies as well as significantly improving structural strength and fatigue behavior.

Due to the higher design freedom of fiber composites compared to aluminum, aerodynamics are also considerably improved. Furthermore, the number of components was reduced from 16 to 5, which saves the customer additional costs, as the assembly time is significantly reduced.

The main landing gear fairing has to meet the strictest fire protection requirements, as it is close to the engine and has very high operating temperatures. That is why the epoxy resin RAKU® EI-2511 was used.

Visit RAMPF Group at JEC World 2022, hall 5, booth Q15.

More information www.rampf-group.com