Re-Wind network publishes 2nd Edition of its Design Catalog

The Re-Wind Design Catalog presents designs and details of structures and products made from End-of-Life repurposed wind turbine blades that are available from the Re-Wind Network.

Re-Wind network publishes 2nd Edition of its Design Catalog

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New to the Fall 2022 edition is a section on Marine Structures (floating PV platforms, jetties and buoys), and new pages on Single-Girder Bridges, as well as, images of our recent BladeBridge installations in Cork, Ireland and Draperstown, Northern Ireland, UK. Models based on a SGRE B45 blade have also been included.

The Re-Wind Network is a network of faculty, staff and students at five academic institutions – Georgia Institute of Technology, University College Cork, Queen’s University Belfast, City University of New York and Munster Technological University – and industry affiliates.

Models of the blades used in the designs were produced at the Georgia Institute of Technology using in-house software from LiDAR scans or documentation of five decommissioned wind turbine blades. Graphics were produced in Rhinoceros® and Enscape™ software. The blades used in the designs are listed below. They represent typical sizes and lengths of blades currently coming out of service throughout the world.

More information www.re-wind.info