Repair of hydrochloric acid storage FRP tanks

Under their slogan “FRP products with a smile”, FRP Kaji (Yamakita, Ashigarakami district, Kanagawa Prefecture) is developing repair services aimed at extending the life of equipment through the use of fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP).

Repair of hydrochloric acid storage FRP tanks

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Repair of hydrochloric acid storage FRP tanksThe company recently started providing high-quality repair services for hydrochloric acid storage tanks whose degradation mechanism is different from tanks containing common chemicals.

A specific degradation mechanism
Compared to metals, FRPs have been actively used for chemical storage tanks because of their higher corrosion resistance to oxidizing chemicals, especially acids. Although these FRP tanks use materials with high chemical resistance, regular maintenance and inspection are essential. FRP Kaji performs such maintenance inspections and repair procedures according to the deterioration diagnosis and its results.

Several fatal accidents have been reported during the maintenance and inspection of FRP chemical storage tanks. When the stored chemical is hydrochloric acid, the main cause is the collapse of the cylindrical tank’s ceiling due to the presence of a person on it. According to university research results, this is due to a specific degradation mechanism, where the degradation of the ceiling progresses more than the acid solution contacted part due to the volatilization of the highly volatile hydrochloric acid.

Thus, FRP Kaji will start offering specific degradation diagnosis services for FRP hydrochloric acid storage tanks, alongside with the development of repair services for these tanks. All this while maintaining the safety of workers. The company will also continue to work on the standard maintenance and inspection of FRP hydrochloric acid storage tanks.

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