Roboze launches Roboze Automate for industrial-scale 3D printing

Additive manufacturing solution tackles long-time industry challenge of standardization and process control to bring repeatable parts. Roboze, a manufacturer of industrial 3D printing technology for extreme end-use applications, announced the launch of Roboze Automate, the first industrial automation system to bring customized 3D printing with super polymers and composites into the production workflow.

Roboze launches Roboze Automate for industrial-scale 3D printing

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As the U.S. begins an infrastructure push that includes everything from energy to transportation to manufacturing, it is simultaneously experiencing a metals shortage that is impacting each of these industry sectors. Combining its novel polymer platform technology, PEEK, an ideal metals replacement technology, with a PLC industrial automation system developed in partnership with B&R, an Austrian automation and process control technology company, this is perfect for the 3D printing industry.

Roboze Automate for industrial-scale 3D printing
Roboze Automate for industrial-scale 3D printing

Roboze Automate streamlines the entire workflow, monitoring results and reporting data during all phases of the process, all due to its advanced sensors and remote control and diagnosis capabilities, with it, predictive maintenance is built-in through automatic remote updates of new features and software parameters.

Due to variables ranging from human error and material quality to temperature fluctuations and sensor quality, the 3D printing industry has been plagued by inconsistencies in parts production. Unfortunately, these hurdles have challenged the perception of 3D printing as an industrial production process on par with other manufacturing processes such as CNC machining and injection molding.

“As the need for strong, resilient infrastructure in the U.S. and around the world continues to climb, we are bringing 3D manufacturing to a new level of consistency, repeatability, and process control and production speed. Our components-as-a service approach is upending error-ridden manufacturing fluctuations and materials shortages to support true industrial-scale 3D manufacturing.”

Roboze CEO Alessio Lorusso. “

Roboze Automate will be available to all new ARGO 500 Additive Production Systems to allow customers to produce and certify every printed component, efficiently creating controlled yet customized batches of up to 3000 parts in one machine.

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