ROSS releases the ROSS FDA-3500 dual shaft mixer

The ROSS line of Dual Shaft Mixers are robust and versatile systems, powerful enough to batch dispersions, suspensions, and emulsions with viscosities up to several hundred thousand centipoise.

ROSS releases the ROSS FDA-3500 dual shaft mixer

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The custom-built ROSS FDA-3500 has a maximum working capacity of 3,500 gallons, a two-zone stainless steel dimpled jacket for heating/cooling, a 4” pneumatic discharge valve and an explosion-proof load cell system rated for up to 20,000 lbs.

This multi-agitator system is equipped with independently controlled drives and is highly efficient at producing good turnover and imparting shear to a viscous batch. Powered by a 300 HP TEFC inverter duty motor, the High Speed Disperser runs at tip speeds up to 5,000 feet per minute, inducing high shear forces while the 60 HP Three-Wing Helical Anchor Agitator feeds product towards the disperser blade and ensures that the mixture is constantly in motion.  Teflon scrapers on the anchor wipe materials from the vessel wall, enhancing heat transfer from the jacket.

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