Sabelt collaborates with Bcomp for natural fibre seats

The Italian company Sabelt, specialist in lightweight seats for high-performance cars, is developing a seat made 100% from Bcomp’s flax fibre solutions. This development is part of their “Carbogreen Project” initiative, which represents Sabelt’s environmental mission that is one of its priorities. The initiative aims at developing seating systems for sports cars made of newly designed, renewable and/or low environmental impact materials.

Sabelt collaborates with Bcomp for natural fibre seats

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Sabelt is working on the development of seats made with sustainable alternatives replacing non-renewable materials.

Founded in 1972 by Piero and Giorgio Marsiaj, Sabelt specializes in the development and production of car seats for performance road cars, racing products for motor racing and seatbelts for aerospace. From the world of motorsport, Sabelt has developed a range of premium sports seats for the world’s leading car manufacturers and counts Ferrari, McLaren, Alpine, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Maserati and Aston Martin among its partners.

In 2019 Sabelt began its commitment to the Carbogreen Project, with the aim of reducing the company’s environmental impact and producing a new line of seats made with more sustainable materials. Three years later, the public call for the Carbogreen Project continues thanks to the financing of Finpiemonte and the support of the European Fund for Regional Development.

The whole world of automotive OEMs is taking action to move towards weight reduction, recyclability, sustainability through the use of natural fibres. Sabelt, following this course of action from years, is working to grow in this respect and can now boast of being among the leaders in this commitment.

Thanks to the collaboration with Bcomp, Sabelt is currently validating the use of flax fibres to make a seat with natural materials. The use of flax can be considered a new beginning of this project as it means replacing carbon fibre or fiberglass with renewable materials, significantly reducing CO2 emissions, without compromising performance.

The Carbogreen Project is an important initiative for Sabelt as a first step, to be followed by the implementation of natural fibre reinforced thermoplastic materials, which are more easily recyclable at the end of the vehicle’s life and helps reduce environmental impact from the seat system production.

Moving towards an environmentally sustainable future in the automotive sector must be a global common goal and still many actions need to be implemented. Sabelt is proud to actively commit to this end, also collaborating with companies that constantly work to achieve the same results.

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