Schütz forms a partnership with Boris Herrmann

The passion for technically superior solutions and protecting our planet’s natural resources – these two shared convictions are the basis for a new strategic partnership: Schütz is now the Official Technical Partner and Official Supplier of the world-famous race sailor Boris Herrmann and his Team Malizia. In this role, the company also contributes its passion for sailing and its expertise and successful tradition in the construction of racing yachts: The lightweight material Cormaster® developed by Schütz is an important component of Boris Herrmann’s new racing yacht.

Schütz forms a partnership with Boris Herrmann

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A race we must win – Climate action now!

This slogan is emblazoned on Boris Herrmann’s yacht, the Seaexplorer. The motto stands for the sporting spirit and dedication to thrilling competitions as well as the urgent need to tackle one of the biggest and more pressing challenges of our time: protecting the climate and the environment. This mission, which Schütz supports on many levels, is one that Boris Herrmann and Team Malizia have been committed to for many years. The Oldenburg (Germany)-born sailor has worked ceaselessly to create awareness for the very fundamental role the ocean plays for climate protection and the continued existence of our planet as we know it. He uses his broad media presence to share this message, as well as collecting data on the state of the ocean with measuring instruments installed on board his ship which is then shared with researchers and scientists. Boris Herrmann is convinced that only technical progress can help us to better understand causes and consequences, to recognise and avoid negative influences and hence successfully combat climate change.

Schütz forms a partnership with Boris Herrmann
Schütz forms a partnership with Boris Herrmann

Start of the new Schütz climate blog

In all four corporate divisions, Schütz offers products and services that help customers to become more efficient, save materials and energy, and so reduce their own CO2 footprint. Whether it is as a pioneer of the circular economy with the resource-saving packaging systems, as a system provider for energy-efficient, comfortable homes, or as a trailblazer in the development and application of state-of-the-art lightweight materials. To communicate this with even greater focus, the company created a new section on its main corporate website: the Schütz Climate blog

In future, the company will be publishing all environment-related activities from the world of Schütz in a dedicated section. The ever-expanding range of content will also include current race results and other activities and reports from Boris Herrmann and his mission. Each topic page will examine in greater detail the corresponding contribution to environmental and climate protection and will provide in-depth links to the relevant product or service pages.

Schütz forms a partnership with Boris Herrmann
Schütz forms a partnership with Boris Herrmann

Sustainable messages for all our areas of activity

As a globally operating technology company, Schütz works in many different fields to make a positive contribution to environmental and climate protection. The company has defined four main areas of action and created a slogan for each one that sums up its strategy while simultaneously incorporating and concretising the general motto “Climate action now!”.

Schütz believes in the power of the technically superior solution. For our planet, our climate and our customers. That is why the company is constantly developing its products, services, processes and facilities to become even more environmentally and economically efficient.

Schütz uses the latest manufacturing and environmental technology. With its systems and machinery, all developed in-house, the company is the leader in many areas and is continuously investing in the further expansion of its worldwide production network.

Schütz is committed to using our planet’s natural resources responsibly. As a pioneer of the circular economy, the company continues to minimise the input of materials and energy per manufactured unit and relies on reusing and recycling wherever possible.

Schütz believes the best way to tackle great challenges is with comprehensive expertise. That is why the company invests in expert research, in diverse and broad-based training measures and personal development to ensure that people and the environment benefit from tomorrow’s knowledge. 

Schütz forms a partnership with Boris Herrmann
Schütz forms a partnership with Boris Herrmann

The IBC – an example of how Schütz practices environmental and climate protection

In the Schütz Group, the greatest environmental impact is almost certainly delivered by the products and services in the Packging Systems division. The company’s production and service network is represented globally at more than 50 locations around the world, and its packaging is used millions of times a day. Schütz is constantly optimising its IBC system, which has revolutionised the transport of liquid filling goods, to achieve maximum ecological and environmental efficiency:

Saving material
By using constantly improved manufacturing technologies and innovative design, Schütz is reducing the amount of material required, while maintaining or increasing product safety. 

Sustainable product design
Optimum preparation for reuse through modular design and exceptionally robust and durable key components.

Collection of used packaging by a worldwide network of Schütz factories: fast, free of charge and in small quantities starting from single containers.

Globally standardised reconditioning process in accordance with the latest environmental and safety standards, including cleaning and reusing the steel grids.

Schütz forms a partnership with Boris Herrmann
Schütz forms a partnership with Boris Herrmann

Material recycling
Recovery of high-quality plastic material from the replaced inner bottles in keeping with the circular economy

Use of recyclate
100% of the recycled material flows back into the packaging in the form of plastic pallets and corner guards, IBC inner bottles and plastic drums with recycled content.

Tradition and future – with high-performance honeycombs

The Schütz Composites division develops and produces lightweight materials under the brand name Cornmaster®. These materials are used in the aerospace industry as well as in boat and vehicle construction. For example, the company’s own successful “Container” racing yachts were largely built using the composite material developed and produced in-house by Schütz. As Official Supplier, the Schütz honeycomb blocks were used to manufacture essential structural parts for Boris Herrmann’s new boat.

Especially proud is the company to have contributed its decades of expertise as Official Technical Partner during the design and construction phase. For example, Schütz was responsible for the production of the entire deck mould, and the expertise and engineering services also flowed into the further development and construction of the foils, which give the boat its incredible speed.

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