Sinopec has kicked off its 48k large-tow carbon fiber project

China’s Shanghai Petrochemical Co Ltd (SPC) has started the construction of its Shanghai major industrial project. Scheduled to be completed by 2024, the 3.5 billion yuan project (45O million Euro) will produce 24,000 tons of carbon fiber precursors and 12,000 tons of 48k large-tow carbon fiber.

Sinopec has kicked off its 48k large-tow carbon fiber project

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“When the project is put into operation, it will change the situation of China relying completely on imports of large-tow carbon for a long time, while giving a strong impetus to the development of domestic carbon fiber industry and helping Chinese manufacturing”, said Sinopec, SPC’s parent company. 

As Sinopec explained, 48k large-tow carbon fiber has excellent mechanical properties, its specific gravity is less than a quarter of steel, but its strength is 7 to 9 times that of steel. It has corrosion resistance. It is a high-strength new fiber material with broad application prospects, being widely used in aircraft parts, rail transit raw materials, car body manufacturing etc. 

Previously, in order to achieve technological breakthroughs, SPC and Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute, with the support of the city of Shanghai, cooperated with universities including Fudan University to conduct collaborative innovation. In 2018, it successfully trial-produced 48k large-tow carbon fiber. As of 2020, Shanghai Petrochemical has obtained a total of 165 carbon fiber related patents. 

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