111.5 meters:  the longest wind power blade delivered by China’s Times New Materials

Zhuzhou Times New Materials, a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned rolling stock manufacturer CRRC, has delivered a first set of 111.5-meter offshore wind power blades at the Sheyang factory, in China’s Jiangsu province. This is the longest blade type currently manufactured by the company.

111.5 meters:  the longest wind power blade delivered by China’s Times New Materials

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With a length of 111.5 meters and a blade root circle of 4.8 meters, the blade is huge and difficult to produce.

The liquid pouring during the layup process was the first test faced by both the project team and production team. The root thickening layer of this blade type needs no less than 130 layers, and the perfusion time of the first blade is as long as 15 hours. The amount of resin consumption soars. Long-term high temperature can easily lead to air leakage, and the production team can only sprinkle water frequently to reduce the temperature. In order to fundamentally solve the problem, the process team optimized the perfusion system after several experiments and adjustments, and the blade perfusion time was gradually shortened.

The first laying of the 4.8-meter-circle cavity is also a huge challenge. Although the working hours were extended by more than one hour, the production team of the Sheyang factory relied on mature production skills to complete the application of more than 100 layers and solved the wrinkle problem, meeting the quality standard requirements.

Overweight is the biggest obstacle of huge-size blades. In order to “control weight”, the project team led the production team to rack their brains so as to avoid missing any “slimming” details. Finally, by adjusting dozens of processes such as material type, material consumption, and overlapping methods, the weight was successfully reduced by about 1 ton, and finally met the customer’s requirements.

The production team of this blade type is composed of more than 200 people. This team has never produced this type of perforated airfoils before. With zero production experience, it has achieved the shortest molding cycle of 52 hours, and has gradually reduced it to 48 hours.

This project is the first cooperation between Times New Materials and its customer the Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Mingyang.

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