Advanced Architectural Products’ Expansion in Canadian Market through Strategic Partnership with KLAD Envelope Solutions

Advanced Architectural Products, the West Michigan-based creator and manufacturer of GreenGirt® CMH™ continuous insulation systems and SMARTci™ building enclosure systems, announces its strategic expansion in the Canadian market. This strategic move is made possible through a partnership with KLAD Envelope Solutions, the leading provider of exterior building solutions tailored to the demanding climate and regulatory standards in Canada.

Advanced Architectural Products’ Expansion in Canadian Market through Strategic Partnership with KLAD Envelope Solutions

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Advanced Architectural Products’ uniquely designed composite metal hybrid systems combine the structural integrity of steel with the thermal insulative properties of fiber-reinforced polymers.  This new partnership will fast-forward the use of Advanced Architectural Products’ systems in Canadian projects, with an emphasis on elevating building energy performance.  The company’s GreenGirt® CMH™ Clips and GreenGirt® CMH™ Delta adjustable continuous insulation system are poised to meet the growing demand in the Canadian market for top-tier building enclosure and continuous insulation systems, all while aligning with UL Canada’s stringent S134 standard for fire testing of exterior wall assemblies.

Our GreenGirt® CMH™, GreenGirt® CMH™ Clips, and GreenGirt® CMH™ Delta have been popular in Canada for years, across provinces including British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and beyond,” stated G. Matt Krause, Founder and CEO, Advanced Architectural Products. “This partnership with KLAD Envelope Solutions will deepen our impact and bring our advanced building enclosure and continuous insulation systems to more Canadian projects and contribute to meeting the nation’s ambitious emission reduction targets.

KLAD Envelope Solutions is excited to be working with Advanced Architectural Products across Canada.  A2P’s innovative engineered products are perfectly suited to help designers and contractors meet Canada’s drive to energy efficient, high-performance buildings,” stated Robert Jahnsen, Principal, KLAD Envelope Solutions. “In partnering with A2P, KLAD continues to add to our ability to provide building envelope technical solutions for architects, contractors, engineers, and building owners.”

To expand the market for Advanced Architectural Products’ building enclosure and continuous insulation systems in Canada, Cole Hansen, Business Development Manager, will focus in British Columbia and the Northern regions; Russell Macdonald, Manager of Inside Sales, will focus in the Prairies; and Lyrrad Pittard, Vice President, will lead expansion efforts in Eastern Canada.

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