Alec Ross joins the Roboze Advisory Board

Alec Ross joins the Advisory Board of Roboze, a leader in 3D printing with super polymers and composites, with the aim of accelerating internationalization and investment policies in the American market.

Alec Ross joins the Roboze Advisory Board

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Alec Ross, an American expert in technology policy, joins the Advisory Board of Roboze, a company specializing in 3D printing solutions for regulated industrial sectors, including aerospace, energy, transport and medical, with the aim of supporting the company in its very strong expansion plans in the American market.

Internationally renowned entrepreneur and author, Alec Ross is considered one of the leading experts in geopolitical and geoeconomic analysis. Alec Ross served as Hillary Clinton’s Senior Advisory for Innovation during Clinton’s tenure as Secretarty of State and led technology policy for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. He is a New York Times best-selling author and Distinguished Adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna Business School. Among his publishing works, his book The Industries of the Future has been translated into 24 languages and has been a best-seller on 5 continents.

He is a Board Partner of Amplo, a global venture capital firm, and sits on the boards of directors or consultants of companies in the technology, finance, education, human capital, and cybersecurity sectors.

Today the announcement of his entry into the Advisory Board of Roboze, a provider of 3D printing solutions dedicated to the smart and sustainable production of finished parts for regulated companies in the Aerospace, Motorsport and Energy sectors.

Alec Ross: “Roboze represents the future of manufacturing and will drive billions of dollars of value to its customers and shareholders.Roboze’s CEO reminds me of the very best Founder/CEOs in Silicon Valley: he has deep technical expertise, a keen understanding of the market, and the willingness and ability to build for the long-term.”

Roboze is a deep tech company with offices in Bari – Italy and Houston-TX specialized in the design and production of 3D printing solutions dedicated to the replacement of metals with super polymers and composite materials. The company has developed a proprietary technology capable of competing with traditional manufacturing methods in terms of accuracy, repeatability and has developed super materials capable of performing in extremely challenging applications, replacing metals, decreasing weight and drastically reducing warehouse and supply chain management costs.

The model promoted by the company is Roboze Distributed Manufacturing in which supply and demand meet directly, creating more local production on demand, consequently reducing CO2 emissions due to transport and fighting materials and production waste. But for Roboze this is just the beginning.

“At Roboze, we support the innovators of tomorrow who will change our future for the better. ” says Alessio Lorusso, Founder & CEO of Roboze. “Additive manufacturing is now a reality and is here to stay. At Roboze, we are committed to creating an essential combination between financial sustainability for our customers and environmental sustainability, thanks to our just in time production model, without waste and which reduces transport, producing only wherever and whenever needed”, and continues, “Alec’s support is incredible. His vision of the future, his knowledge of international markets and his experiences in strategic and technological policies in the USA will help us shape the world of tomorrow.

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