ARRIS unveils structural flax fiber composites

ARRIS, the advanced manufacturer enabling high-performance thermoplastic composites at scale for mass-market products and industrial applications, announced that it has a new sustainable fiber material offering.

ARRIS unveils structural flax fiber composites

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The ARRIS R&D team has been developing natural-fiber composites with high-performance capabilities to complement its already available bio-nylon resin material being used with carbon and glass fiber for products today.

“Since we started, our R&D team has been researching and investigating recycled, recovered, and natural fibers, as well as recycled, bio-based, and bio-synthesized polymers that help brands achieve necessary sustainability initiatives without sacrificing the best-in-class performance their customers have come to expect,” said Bert Mannhalter, ARRIS Vice President of Research and Development. “I’m excited to reach this breakthrough in processing flax fibers. Though it’s been used for cosmetic parts such as veneers and paneling, we now see a way to use these fibers for true structural applications.”

Since flax fiber is <5% of the CO2e footprint compared to carbon fiber, these advanced composites have a massive impact on further reducing CO2 emissions.

More information www.arriscomposites.com