Artemis Technologies introduces revolutionary eFoiler® Patrol Range

Belfast based Artemis Technologies, a pioneering force in cutting-edge, clean maritime innovation, is proud to unveil its latest breakthrough: the eFoiler® Patrol range.

Artemis Technologies introduces revolutionary eFoiler® Patrol Range

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The all-electric Artemis EF-12 Patrol stands as a beacon of sustainable maritime technology. With an impressive top speed of 30kts and a foiling range of 55nm, the EF-12 Patrol is equipped to revolutionise coastal security. An optional diesel hybrid range extender can extend its foiling range to an exceptional 236nm, ensuring prolonged operational capability without compromise.

Artemis EF-12 Patrol

For those seeking enhanced capabilities, the Artemis EF-20H Patrol has a top speed of 40kts and foiling range of 644nm. Equipped with retractable foils and a diesel hybrid range extender as standard, its seamless transition between diesel and electric modes empowers silent and emissions-free patrolling in ecologically sensitive areas or where tactical situation dictates.

Artemis EF-20H Patrol

Redefining the landscape of maritime operations. the innovative carbon eFoiler® propulsion system minimises wake disturbances, mitigating impact on shorelines and fellow maritime users. The autopilot flight control system ensures stability, granting crew members a comfortable journey with reduced susceptibility to seasickness.

These adaptable platforms can be used for various operations, from patrol to search and rescue.

Beyond operational excellence, Artemis eFoiler® vessels present a critical avenue for governments to fulfil their decarbonisation goals. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, these vessels substantially curtail greenhouse gas emissions, thereby contributing to the broader reduction of the sector’s environmental impact.

By flying above the waves, eFoiler® propelled vessels produce minimal wake, allowing for high-speed, close-to-shore operations within busy waterways.
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