[BEST OF 2022] Bucci Composites presents the 20” carbon fiber rim for the aftermarket

Bucci Composites S.p.A., a Faenza-based company of the Bucci Industries Group, presented the first 20 “carbon fiber rim dedicated to the aftermarket world, especially for the sports / supercars sector. The 20 “carbon rim guarantees an elegant and sporty design, combining excellent performance with a weight saving of over 20% compared to a forged aluminum wheel

[BEST OF 2022] Bucci Composites presents the 20” carbon fiber rim for the aftermarket

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This news has been originaly published on September 8, 2022 and was the most popular news of September.

All the benefits of using the ultralight carbon fiber wheel are directly linked to the reduced weight of the wheel: a lighter component design means less rotational inertia, which translates into greater acceleration, shorter braking distance and better vehicle handling.

Furthermore, less unsprung mass means always having the best contact of the tire with the asphalt, thus guaranteeing excellent road grip characteristics.

A further key element of the Bucci Composites wheel is the hub-wheel system, which allows the wheel to be fixed to the hub in the traditional way, eliminating the risk of loosening torque of the bolts. This guarantees the ultra-light carbon fiber wheel all the ease of assembly and maintenance of a conventional wheel.

To cope with the high temperatures that occur especially with the use of carbon-ceramic brakes, a ceramic coating has been applied to the inside of the rim that protects the carbon fiber even from the most extreme temperatures, making it possible to use the rim in all conditions.

For this project, Bucci Composites has also equipped itself with a production technology (High Pressure RTM – HP-RTM) at the forefront of the sector, the only ones in Italy to have acquired the skills on the use that it will use to continue in the development of further models of wheels for the automotive sector.

For the development of the 20-inch wheel, advanced technologies were used and a dedicated team responsible for following the entire process from design to manufacturing of the component produced in Bucci Composites.

The rim will be available for sale in the first half of 2023, initially only for the Italian market.

More information www.bucci-composites.com