BlueWind signs an agreement with a company specialized in tokenizing green assets

BlueWind, an American company specializing in manufacturing high-performance composites, has just partnered with the Brazilian company Greener, a platform for tokenizing green assets whose objective is to decarbonize the economy.

BlueWind signs an agreement with a company specialized in tokenizing green assets

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Overall, the agreement aims to strengthen BlueWind’s sustainable profile, comments Jean Zolet, Executive Director.

“Our DNA already brings this concern for the environment, so much so that we started our activities focused exclusively on manufacturing nacelle covers, which are components of wind turbines. Now, from this partnership with Greener, we want to improve the sustainability of our operation”, he says.

In addition to serving as an ESG consultant and coordinating an inventory assessment for BlueWind, Greener will conduct an in-depth analysis of how to offset the composites manufacturer’s carbon footprint. This assessment will also cover emissions from BlueWind’s suppliers.

“The first step was the installation of a garbage compactor and recycler in our plant. This measure will reduce the number of trucks needed to collect the materials and the gas consumption by the company that processes the waste”, illustrates Zolet.

Founded in 2022, Greener facilitates the trading of carbon credits with more security, transparency, and governance. Through its GPT token (Greener Preservation Token), the company promotes the tokenization of environmental assets arising from the most diverse types of ecological preservation services and the maintenance of its natural structures.

“The partnership between BlueWind and Greener reflects a shared commitment to tackling environmental challenges and progressing towards a more sustainable future. We will be able to collaborate as a specialized consultancy in ESG practices and blockchain technology, further enhancing the company’s environmental consciousness,” comments Claudio Olimpio, CEO of Greener Tokens.

About BlueWind:
Founded in 2019 in Pensacola, FL, BlueWind manufactures composite parts for applications with high technical requirements, such as those present in wind power generation, agricultural and petrochemical industries, among others.

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