Broetje-Automation and Guanglian Aviation join forces for the development of civil aviation in China

At a signing ceremony held during the Shanghai Airshow, key executives from Huarui Aerospace, Broetje-Automation (a subsidiary of the Chinese group Shanghai Electric), and Guanglian Aviation gathered to mark the commencement of a collaboration to support the production of the Chinese-built widebody airliner.

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A Chinese company established in November 2019 mainly engaged in the design, R&D and manufacturing  of large-scale aviation structural parts made of composite materials, Huarui Aerospace is one of the partners building the first Chinese-built widebody aircraft. Broetje-Automation and Guanglian Aviation Industry Co. were selected to provide proven automation technology for its structural assembly. This strategic partnership will deliver key assembly equipment for the first mid-fuselage panel line.

In the execution of the project, Broetje-Automation and Guanglian Aviation are forming a consortium dedicated to providing an advanced assembly line with industry 4.0 digital twin capabilities to Huarui Aerospace. Broetje-Automation will play a pivotal role by supplying advanced automated equipment, including a multi-panel assembly cell known as MPAC.

The signing ceremony signifies not only a significant leap in international cooperation but also the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies. Broetje-Automation’s provision of the MPAC underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of aerospace manufacturing as a global leader for assembly technology in the aerospace industry.

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