Carbon Conversions introduces re-Evo® RRC

C12 Technology and Carbon Conversions, Inc (CCI) have partnered to innovate a groundbreaking new technology and material to create the first eco-friendly rotational molded carbon fiber products. The companies completed a multi-year joint development agreement to produce a thermoplastic reinforced material which has the capability to be rotationally molded.

Carbon Conversions introduces re-Evo® RRC

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Combining C12’s powerful roto molding technology and CCI’s expertise in recycled carbon fiber, this new development enables production of large composite structures utilizing low-cost tooling which produces parts with high mechanical properties in both stiffness and compressive strength. CCI’s recycled carbon fiber molding material, re-Evo® RRC is available to support C12 customer specific projects.

C12 offers rapid prototype development capabilities on a micro and macro scale to trial new projects prior to production. Future applications could include, but are not limited to, ultra-light weight recreational sporting goods including kayaks, industrial storage containers, and pressure vessel liners.

Keith Graham, Vice President of Carbon Conversions said, “The utilization of our RRC product in Roto12’s technology is truly innovative. It is a strong statement which says they are committed to sustainable materials and continued environmental stewardship.”

C12 Technology CEO Oliver Wainwright said, “Recycled rotomolded carbon products will not only bring the industry closer to the “closed-loop” green goal, but could truly change industry standards and allow companies the opportunities to grow into the future”.

As both companies are located within proximity of each other in South Carolina, USA, they can also offer more low mileage transportation opportunities, saving time and money for each customer.

More information www.carbonconversions.com