Carbon fiber hydrogen pressure vessels: HRC and ACTC move up a gear

HRC’s Advanced Composite Technology Center (ACTC) and Aachen Institute of Textile Technology (RWTH) in Germany have jointly developed a construction project of an international joint development platform for hydrogen storage composite pressure vessels. The project has just passed the certification of Suzhou Overseas Offshore Innovation Center.

Carbon fiber hydrogen pressure vessels: HRC and ACTC move up a gear

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The hydrogen energy industry is one of the key strategic emerging industries in China. ACTC seizes strategic opportunities while aiming at developing the international advanced IV-type hydrogen storage technology, and accelerates the layout of the vehicle-mounted hydrogen supply system parts industry. 

As an overseas offshore innovation center, the establishment of the ACTC Hydrogen Storage Pressure Vessel International Joint Development Platform has not only made significant progress in product research and development, but also introduced an international research and development team. Thus, more overseas partners have been accumulating their knowledge to develop high-pressure hydrogen storage tank technology.  

Up to now, the platform has completed the winding process design of the IV-type high-pressure hydrogen storage tank product, and has produced a demonstration product. Next, the R&D team will speed up the establishment of the pilot line and form a production demonstration line with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tanks, laying a solid foundation for the company to achieve higher-quality development.

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