Cevotec grows its commercial activities in China

Starting the collaboration with two new international sales partners, Cevotec takes next steps to establish its Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) technology in the Chinese market. Hesse, André & Co. GmbH & Co. KG (HACO) focuses on aerospace customers and is based in the Beijing area. ChunHua Automotive Technology Co., Ltd, based in Shanghai, promotes FPP technology to their customer base in the smart & e-transport industry. Both companies have a successful track record of bringing European high-tech machinery and automation to the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Cevotec grows its commercial activities in China

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“We are excited to announce these partnerships for the Chinese market today, where we see a large potential for FPP in the future”, states Thorsten Groene, CEO and Co-Founder of Cevotec. “China is already today a global manufacturing powerhouse and will continue to gradually upgrade its industrial base. In particular automation technology can accelerate the growth of the local composite industry as it safeguards repeatable quality also at large volumes.”

Nicolas Menge, CEO of HACO, adds: “Chinese aircraft manufacturers are relying on European technology to produce aerospace-grade lightweight structures. In order to meet quality and ESG targets, manufacturing efficiency through automation will become an even more important topic in the foreseeable future. FPP will make a significant contribution to advancing and automating the production of aerospace parts.” Furthermore, David Li, CTMO of ChunHua, underlines the second important application area of FPP: “Hydrogen is a big topic in China. Electrification of vehicles is already well advanced, and the upcoming national regulation for Type 4 composite tanks will pave the way for economic fuel-cell vehicles. Cevotec’s industrial solution to reinforce H2 tank dome areas will be of great importance to Chinese manufacturers in order to successfully compete also in international markets”.

Both sales representatives bring an established customer base, relevant experience and deep market know-how to the partnership. HACO distributes tooling machinery, service and spare-parts to customers in the aerospace and aero-engine industry and is also representing Cevotec’s partner GFM in China. With a history going back to 1777, HACO operates offices in Beijing, China, Seoul, Korea and further locations. Its main business is the marketing and sales of tooling machines for the aviation industry in China and packing machines for the pharmaceutical industry in Korea.

Founded in 2003, ChunHua has evolved from an automotive model building company to a full-service technology company that provides engineering services along the entire design, development and prototyping process. More than 100 employees also offer technical consulting and market high-tech foreign machinery to their customer base in automotive, aerospace and general industry. “With HACO and ChunHua, we’re working now with two best-in-class partners in China that serve complementary markets and regions”, confirms Thorsten Groene. “Both companies combine the necessary expertise, experience and market knowledge to successfully bring FPP to the forefront of the Chinese composite industry. We are looking forward to a successful partnership!”

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