China’s Aoke Group and MFE Sino Polymer join hands in new materials industry

Executives of Aoke Group, a major ethylene oxide manufacturer, and resin producer MFE Sino Polymer, conducted in-depth exchanges and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on “Joint Development of New High-Performance Dialkoxy Ether Polymer Materials”.

China’s Aoke Group and MFE Sino Polymer join hands in new materials industry

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Liu Zuozhen, chairman of MFE Sino Polymer, presented its company’s decades of focus in the field of high-performance resins and composite materials, as well as the company’s domestic leading advantages in technology development, production and application in the fields of high-performance resins and engineering plastics.

Zhu Jianmin, chairman of Aoke Group, introduced the group’s development and planning of a complete industrial chain in epoxy-derived green low-carbon specialty chemicals and new materials for new energy applications, and introduced the company’s world-class dialkoxy ether and polymer monomer synthesis technology.

According to the agreement, based on the principle of “strong alliance, complementary advantages, standardized operation, co-creation and sharing”, the two parties will jointly establish a technological innovation cooperation platform in line with the national new materials development strategic direction, and jointly develop and produce high-performance monomer and polymer new materials.

Cover photo: Aoke Group

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