China’s ECUST launches a polymeric material R&D platform

A team of professors from the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) has created China’s first polymeric material research and development platform.

China’s ECUST launches a polymeric material R&D platform

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Called AI plus polymer, the platform can make predictions about the various properties of resins and find the optimal ratio of various components in resin preparation.

The platform will be critical to accelerating the research and development of high-performance polymeric materials, and empowering the resin industry for composite materials by better leveraging big data and artificial intelligence technology, said Lin Jiaping, the professor who led the team at the university.

The team has also built the first resin structure performance database and elemental chemical reaction database in China. These databases contain information about more than 30,000 polymers and 58,516 elemental chemical reaction templates.

“AI plus polymer has higher technical content than ChatGPT, and this reflects the contribution of Chinese scientists in the AI intersection field,” Lin Jiaping said.

More information www.ecust.edu.cn