China’s HRC has signed a “carbon neutral” cooperation project with France’s TERAO

After the fifth meeting of the Sino-French Entrepreneurs Committee, 36 Chinese and French companies signed 18 cooperation agreements in the fields of ecology, innovation, aviation, and new energies. These include the “carbon neutral” cooperation project signed in Changshu High-tech Zone, Jiangsu province, by HRC, the Chinese solution provider for final application composite product development and the French company TERAO.

China’s HRC has signed a “carbon neutral” cooperation project with France’s TERAO

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Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Paris, France, TERAO is one of the pioneers of energy-saving and sustainable consulting in the world and a leading independent green building engineering company in France.

In this specific cooperation, TERAO will help HRC to calculate the carbon emission footprint in the existing production process and formulate practical emission reduction targets. The aim is to help HRC to optimize and improve the existing energy utilization efficiency while building a new sustainable production base. TERAO will take advantage of HRC’s status as a scarce domestic lightweight solution provider to jointly formulate and promote low-carbon carbon fiber composite material mass production molding process standards. The French company will also quantify the carbon footprint of carbon fiber composite materials in new energy vehicles, aerospace, construction and other industries and carry out larger-scale application promotion.

This project is in line with the goal of “further expanding cooperation in emerging fields such as green consumption, green energy, and technological innovation” proposed by China and France at the fifth meeting of the Sino-French Entrepreneurs Committee. This committee was founded by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the French Ministry of Economy and Finance in 2018. Its aim is to build a new platform for cooperation between the business circles of the two countries, establish a long-term and institutional dialogue between business leaders of the two countries, and further promote the upgrading of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries through practical suggestions and cooperation.

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