China’s Tianyi Technology installs a 40-meter large radome

The first set of 40-meter Ku-band radar radome developed and manufactured by Tianyi Technology was successfully capped at the Xi’an trial installation base, in China’s Shaanxi province. This large-scale high-performance radar radome was manufactured with Tianyi Technology’s completely independent intellectual property rights.

China’s Tianyi Technology installs a 40-meter large radome

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The radome is 30 meters high and is composed of nearly a thousand triangular unit blocks. It adopts a truncated spherical metal space frame and a sandwich structure composite materials cover wall. The autoclave process is used to form unit blocks, which combines the advantages of metal skeleton’s wave transmission in the high frequency range and the strength of composite sandwich plates. The unit loss is reduced to 0.3 db.

The 40-meter large-scale radome has the advantages of high wave penetration, high strength, and low high-frequency loss, reaching the domestic leading level, which marks that Tianyi Technology has made a breakthrough in the large-scale radome market and has taken a significant step. In the future, Tianyi Technology will continue to increase scientific research and tackle key problems, and enter the ultra-large radome market.

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