China’s Yunlu Composites acquires Skywalk UAV

Yunlu Composite Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Yunlu Composites), a high-tech company whose main business is the R&D and production of three-dimensional intelligent equipment and high-performance composite materials, completed the acquisition of fellow Chinese Skywalk UAV. This acquisition will help Yunlu integrate resources to build its overall capabilities in the UAV flight platform, understand customer needs, and provide customers with high-performance, low-cost, flexible manufacturing of aeronautical structural parts.

China’s Yunlu Composites acquires Skywalk UAV

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Founded in the southern city of Shenzhen in 2017, Skywalk UAV focuses on the design and production of military and civilian Unammned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and power systems. It now has more than 20 patents and has developed joined-wing aircraft, contra-rotating propellers unmanned helicopters, compound wing unmanned aircraft and other models, providing drone design services for multiple institutions.

As an enterprise with R&D, equipment manufacturing, and mass production capacity of composite materials, Yunlu Composites will give full play to its technical advantages through this acquisition, and enhance its own design-process-production integration capabilities

Photo: The CA100P compound wing UAV developed by Skywalk UAV adopts a four-rotor aerodynamic shape structure, which can take off and land vertically and fly quickly.

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